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The Forest

Posted: 14 Feb 2020, 19:26
by slj3988
And I run, I run from animals,
through blackened haunting trees,
the moonlight is all that was,
my hands are all I see.

The echo out in the dark,
I can feel the eyes preying,
you talk in the back of my mind, but I
have never been this alone.

A vicious breath has rest,
on mist encapsulating me,
I hear it call the night, not unlike
the world subsides.

With plastered fear on my sleeve,
is my neck open?
To tamper with the unperceived,
is my heart open?

And I run, I run from anything
that goes crack on the leaves,
the air has gone colder, than it was
my hands are all I have,
when it comes, it will find me.

And I'll feel its teeth,
where is my best friend?
you were on my mind in the end.