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Use this forum to post poetry that you have written. This is for getting comments and constructive feedback. This is for original, creative works. You must post the actual text, no links. Only one poem per topic please.
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Billy Bookmark
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Words to Ponder

Post by Billy Bookmark » 08 Jul 2019, 23:03

You can lead a horse to water
but you can't make him drink
You can try to teach an idiot
but you can't make him think
You can make a lot of money
and still be in debt
or mix a dry martini
even though it's wet
Relaxing in a desert
can still be considered chillin
Some girls might say no
even when their willing
True meaning in a poem
is only an illusion
What's enlightenment for one
to another is confusion
A few silly verses
there is no hidden link
A writers sense of humor
designed to make you think

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Post by Aqui08 » 09 Jul 2019, 00:45

it is a nice poem! the writer wants us to know that the earth go round whether we like it or not so we must always seem to fit for everyhting and must be ready in change!

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Areej Tahir
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Post by Areej Tahir » 16 Jul 2019, 10:48

Oooo I really liked the flipped after half of the verses!

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Post by mayangodm » 22 Jul 2019, 12:10


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Monishka Sharma
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Post by Monishka Sharma » 23 Jul 2019, 11:48

Every line is full of humor and logic. It is beautiful in its honesty. And the last line about writers is the most punching line of this poem. It's a beautiful piece.

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Post by Kate_But_Not_Kaitlyn » 24 Jul 2019, 15:07

Noice :D

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Post by elenabell » 25 Jul 2019, 00:38

I love this! A joy to read. Short and snappy, and so damn true.

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Post by Sinclairess » 31 Jul 2019, 13:42

Well done! I love it because it stresses ambiguity. Grey instead of black and white.
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Post by Moodykelz_10 » 25 Aug 2019, 16:53

Got me thinking

mission accomplished.

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Ben Moore
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Post by Ben Moore » 26 Aug 2019, 07:05

Haha this made me chuckle! Short and sweet but very memorable!

The only thing I would say is that I think it should say ‘they’re willing’ as in ‘they are’ willing. Otherwise it means ‘even if the willing that belongs to them’. Hope that makes sense!
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Post by Neha++ » 26 Aug 2019, 07:18

awsm poem..i enjoyed reading it.

Aditi Sapate
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Post by Aditi Sapate » 13 Sep 2019, 11:48

That is such a beautiful poem! It had me marvelling at the poet's creativity. Every verse seems to make a lot of sense, and it sure brought a smile to my face!

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Post by mddodgen » 09 Oct 2019, 18:12

Great rhythm to the prose. Thank you for sharing.

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Post by nicole-adrianne » 13 Oct 2019, 21:17

I love the rhythm and the humor, even the irreverence 😆 it got deep fast, but never lost its lightheartedness!
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