Dear Baby Boy

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Dear Baby Boy

Post by Mandysue14 » 13 Apr 2019, 17:45

Dear baby boy,
I look at you right now.
I see how happy you are,
I see the joy light up your face,
Your so cheerful and free,
Mommy loves you,
She doesn't ever what to see you cry,
When life is tough,
Please think about how much she loves you,
How much joy you bring to everyone,
They love you too,
Life is not always going to be easy,
Not everyone will always like you,
But that you will always love yourself.

Dear baby boy,
When you look at the world,
You will see pain,
Maybe even suffering,
You will see joy and happiness,
You will see love and hate,
Don't be afraid,
There are always be good people,
Remember you will always have people you love,
You will also have people who love you,
Dear baby boy,
Mommy will always love you.

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