I wrote a poem

Use this forum to post poetry that you have written. This is for getting comments and constructive feedback. This is for original, creative works. You must post the actual text, no links. Only one poem per topic please.
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Ayesha Owais
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I wrote a poem

Post by Ayesha Owais » 22 Mar 2019, 05:05

The slow rythem like waves of the sea ease my mind
Trying not to think about you
But my soul is tearing apart deep inside

I was sitting on your bedside
When you closed your eyes
You took my hand and held it tight
You made me promise
And I was astonished
The words you said are still not forgotten
Those words left me in pain
They made the blood cold running in my veins

When I wake up in the morning,the memories of you come flashing in
I know these memories won't ever fade away
When I think about you,I can see those beautiful grey eyes
And that broad smile that lit up my world,that made my life worthwhile

I still remember the day when death took you away
I saw around and realized that everyone's world was upside down
The day you died
Everyone cried
But i kept your promise
The promise that you made me keep
And that's the reason not a tear tickled down my eye.

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Post by Cassi32 » 22 Mar 2019, 05:49

I really like this

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