The Abstracts of Annihilation

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The Abstracts of Annihilation

Post by supraja_prasad » 02 Dec 2019, 06:28

Darker, murkier, the waters swirl
Colours, no longer pure
Hues bleeding off life
The refresher much awaited
The breather, a-much needed
But the rains fail like the rest that did
The monsoon clocking a deficit
No pause, no hold, but mute
Much like the other abstracts
Like Love, Life, Self and Soul.

Darker, murkier, the thoughts swirl
When all that remains is the promise
Lost in a whirlpool of the torrents
Of the past. A picture frozen
In time, a proof of that promise
But the stream flows onward
Never looking back, so is this search
Choices, chances, in every crevice
Sought, fought yet never to be bought
Like Hope, Time, Destiny and the End.

Darker, murkier the swirl of life
The Titanic doomed to drown?
Or Icarus, doomed to burn?
Here runs the yellow River,
Awash with the ochre
Of the sands and turbulence
An echo of hope and happiness lost
Into the ever-rising seas that eat
Into the land of men, all consuming
Like Wormholes, Vaccum, Void and Death.

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