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Post by hansonuko » 14 Jun 2018, 19:07

The strings on the piano tuned a similar hymn I heard on the TV earlier before leaving the house. "Sing!" Someone echoed, the congregation obeyed. Though I had to rush out, I knew it was the regular Hour of Faith programme of the popular pastor, Akeem, about to be aired. I'm a regular viewer of the broadcast, but today, I had to rush to attend an invited service. And here, I met everyone standing. It was so much a coincident.

After the hymn, I sat on the third row of the middle column. The time was 10 a.m. I didn't like where the usher took me to, but I always obeyed them.

I didn't notice anyone around, until she tapped to hand her printed programme. 'Oh! Thanks!' I said with a nod. To me, anyone who gave the one thing she had was a very kind person. So she was in my thought. My focus was so much on the strange religious tradition someone performed on the pulpit. Everyone except me would respond to most of the recited performance. Everything were just dramatic. Maybe because that was my first visit.

Later, I noticed that the kind sister sat on my left. Now everyone were seated.

She looked at me such that it seemed we were familiar. The last time I had such experience was when I visited my sister after few years of being away. She would look at me again and again with an exclamation, " Wow! You're unbelievable!" I knew she was always too excited seeing me. But this time, it came from a stranger.

The stir started creating so much discomfort that I also retaliated with an undisrupted stirring to her face. I have forgotten where I was and what took me there.

"But, come to think of it, this girl is so beautiful, charming and damn irresistible. She has every looks I've always wanted in a woman... Light skinned, moderate height, neat, simple and just more than sweet to the eye, I think she likes me. Oh! Better! If she does, she'll be surprised to know that I love her so much." These were thoughts that ran through my mind soon.

I noticed, she would wear a soothing smile whenever our eyes plugged to each other. This time, it felt like the flames of love at first sight was already becoming a fiery furnace. I would also return the smiles.

I began to fall in love. Just waiting for the service to close for a talk. She knew I had sheepishly fallen for her charms. She deserved nothing less. Her action was practically, the joy of every single man who sees a pretty lady as her.

Considering her class, I was shy. But, I could speak well, so, I was confident I'd face her squarely to pour out my mind.

Surprisingly, while I went outside the auditorium after the service, she walked stunningly to my direction, stood right in front of me. Looked right in my face for about a minute without a word. Just smiles. I began to look around for a perfect surface so I can collapse. Ooop! I've never seen a woman so bold and confident than some men.

I was not so much surprised about how attractive I was. That happened to be "a day I intentionally looked nicest and sweet." A neighbour told me.

"Hello, I'm Celina. You cute!" She said. My head collapsed on my neck. "Thanks. You cute too!" I responded. I forgot to tell her my name. I wondered how everything were just dramatic around me. I've never been so weird before.

With a cool tone, she got talking. "See, you look like an actor. I know that this may seem so surprising and sudden. I don't know how you'd take it. I may probably not see you again after now. So, I wouldn't want to loose you. But, please be kind to what I'd say."

My ears recharged like a pumped balloon. Wide open and so attentive. I could remember attempting to box an interrupting fly on my face.

She continued, "I need you." I jaked!
"What I mean is that I need you to be a part of.......our drama crew. If you had observed, the drama we just presented in the church was acted by only females. We've got no male volunteer." Said concluded.

If I had walked out of her, I can't tell. All what happened after then was that I saw myself waking up. So, was it a dream?

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Post by ZAWAR YOUSAF » 16 Jul 2018, 09:01

It was great and interesting......

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Post by raphok_90 » 30 Jul 2018, 13:15

Wow! What a short and concise story, I love it. More oil to your pen

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Post by miqsteve akg » 10 Apr 2019, 13:40

wow this is wonderful

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Post by Kenzie_xox101 » 15 Apr 2019, 20:00

Wow this was amazing! Its very unique.

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Post by Artizi » 22 May 2019, 22:53

This is lovely! Congratulations, you should be proud of yourself.
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