Official Review: The Poems of Robin R Rabii

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Re: Official Review: The Poems of Robin R Rabii

Post by truebookaddict »

I would think a long preface and introduction would be unnecessary for a book of poetry. That would also give me pause. I do like the sound of the themes he addresses. Thank you for your insightful and objective review.
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Post by Jaime Lync »

Great review. I just read the long winded preface and his view on life is to open minded for me to venture forward.

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Post by CaitlynLynch »

Love poetry! I was disappointed when in the AMazon sample, the preface and introductions were so long-winded, the sample didn't actually include any of the poems. I think that would definitely put off potential buyers who would like to sample the actual poetry before purchasing.

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Post by AlwaysWorthIt »

The artwork on the cover is amazing. I think it ties in the theme of the poetry to the pull of the cover beautifully.
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Post by ReadtoLive »

Thanks for your really thoughtful review of this poetry book. I sometimes like poetry, but not always. I agree with you that the intro. to this book was really lengthy and wordy, I found it tough to get through as well, and then there's more! But the poems sound interesting, so I'll give it another look.
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Post by csimmons032 »

To be honest, this doesn't sound like a book I would enjoy. I am really not that into poetry. For some reason I just have a hard time understanding it. You did a great job on the review though and I thank you for sharing it with us.
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Post by Azrevread »

I liked your thoughtful review! When I read the sample on Amazon, I noticed the diversity of topics
that Robin R. Rabii used to explain his views. He sounds like an optimist. Congratulations to him
for writing the book of the day!

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Post by JDBerins »

I like the fact that the article author does not shy away from taboos. The freeness in talking about homosexuality and other subjects not normally talked about.

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Michell Ellon
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Post by Michell Ellon »

Actually reading poetry is not my type,because its very defficult for me to understand,but this one get my attention,this one is interesting,this book is given to people guidance and inspiration.

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Post by Nacih Mohssine »

If you seek good poetry, I think The Poems of Robin R. Rabii is the one. If you are looking for a great poet, you can read Rabii's The Poems of Robin r. Rabii, and see in what way they are great.
Let's start by this: I rate the poetry 3 of 4.
I think it is rarely where one can find themes like racism, homosexuality, religion, and sex all put into one collection of poetry. To find one, for me, is a great achievement. Hence, by having all these issues tackled, the poet succeeds in taking my attention and time. Secondly, What defines poetry is the image. Rabii is good as he cries his poetry. He does all the figures of speech with such genuineness and cleverness, to the extent, we forget sometimes to connect these issues with ther presence in time. We are driven, isntead, into a world of imagination, of excellence. We start feeling that smoothness of the human, and what it is to be human.
I do recommend to have a deep view into Rabii's The Poems of Robin R. Rabii.

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Good review

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Post by Janetleighgreen »

The only poetry I've gotten into was by Edgar Allan Poe. This book looks lovely, but its just not for me. The sample was interesting, and I'm sure many will love it. Thank you for the review.

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Post by Miriam Molina »

CaitlynLynch wrote:Love poetry! I was disappointed when in the AMazon sample, the preface and introductions were so long-winded, the sample didn't actually include any of the poems. I think that would definitely put off potential buyers who would like to sample the actual poetry before purchasing.
Yes to that comment. The author carried his feeling writing a bit too far. He could have done it as an epilogue. The preface, thank you's, and introduction could disconnect, instead of connect, the reader. Is that what poetic license is all about?

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Post by Therese Nuelle »

I want to meet personally this talented people.

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Post by nessiepooh1978 »

I never thought about "feeling writing' and "thinking writing". I always say I know what I want to say or write, because that is what I am thinking, but the words never come out the way I think. I guess if I just started writing, not caring about punctuation, then it will turn out the way that I meant. I love the description of the how the writer feels and thinks. Writing is just as important as reading, however I would rather read it than write it.

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