Featured Official Review: Sigfried's Smelly Socks!

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Re: Official Review: Sigfried's Smelly Socks!

Post by 00LynnMarie » 18 Mar 2018, 18:29

I like how you teased that the ending was not what you expected and has gotten me interested in reading this. While my own son has outgrown the target age range of this particular book, I have a few friends that it may be worth gifting to if the book is as funny as you have described.

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Post by anchor62 » 18 Mar 2018, 18:35

The book is silly and will appeal to young kids' gross sense of humor. I mean, why not wipe your nose in a book or use pizza for a bookmark? The dog peeing on it is completely realistic.

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Post by uniquevictor » 18 Mar 2018, 18:36

I love it! The title is something that's make one laugh! I will pick this up just for the fun of it! I don't have children yet, but I like to be a child at heart sometimes, Thanks for the cute story! Laughing.....

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Post by lcorbin25 » 18 Mar 2018, 18:47

Sounds like a perfect book for my 4 year old son. Based on the review not only would he find it funny but it would be a good book to get him interested in reading.

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King Richard
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Post by King Richard » 18 Mar 2018, 18:49

Yea it a quit an interesting book and I think it should be available in every home where there are children even adults in some point.
King Richard

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Post by Bnall » 18 Mar 2018, 19:05

I can’t wait to get this for my nephew! He will love it!

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Post by Farmgurl1 » 18 Mar 2018, 19:05

After reading the review, I think this would be a great book for kids. Kids tend to think anything stinky or gross is funny and the illustrations are really cute. The review talks about this book being "laugh out loud" so it sounds like a fun read. I plan to read this book to my 4 year old.

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Post by WillowStarSerenity » 18 Mar 2018, 19:07

I am very impressed with the review given for this book. Simply impressive. I still need to work on my review game when it comes to children's novels. I'm lucky to come up with a paragraph at best. The cover of this book is adorable. I was shocked to find that I already own a copy of the book! I went to borrow it on Kindle Unlimited. Guess I know what I'll be doing tonight! (Reading to my puppies of course!) If I manage to get this done, I'll post a review when I'm done.

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Post by kastle » 18 Mar 2018, 19:11

I appreciate the grounded review. It helped give me deeper insight into this childrens novel. I am curious to read more!

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Post by polar_palm_tree » 18 Mar 2018, 19:20

I also liked the illustrations. They are bright and eye-catching. The topic of socks is a unique spin.

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Post by holsam_87 » 18 Mar 2018, 19:26

Sigfried's Smelly Socks! was the first book that I read and reviewed. I found it to be very descriptive and entertaining as Sigfried went about describing things that smelled disgusting to him. I awarded it 3 out of 4 stars in my review because I liked it. If anyone would like to read my review please go here: viewtopic.php?f=60&t=55705.
Samantha Holtsclaw

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

—J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Post by Larisa Sison » 18 Mar 2018, 19:34

This book is a funny and have the way to know or inspect your senses and be not out of minded..

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Post by Janetleighgreen » 18 Mar 2018, 19:46

This would be a great read for kids, I saw this one when It was featured before. It's not for me, but it does look like a cute story. Thanks for the review!

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Winette Walter
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Post by Winette Walter » 18 Mar 2018, 19:54

I must say.. I love the book already just by reading the description. A book about adventurous, hilarious and specifically writing what the smell is? The book had me there. I would recommended it to my brothers and sisters to read it.

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Post by Vermont Reviews » 18 Mar 2018, 20:03

My grandchildren loved this children's book. Thanks for a wonderful review.
Vermont Reviews
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