Featured Official Review: Dragon Born by Ela Lourenco

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Latest Review: "Dragon Born" by Ela Lourenco

Featured Official Review: Dragon Born by Ela Lourenco

Post by Rachaelamb1 » 20 Jun 2017, 23:19

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Dragon Born" by Ela Lourenco.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The first book in a series, Dragon Born by Ela Lourenco is a fantastic beginning to this children’s and young adult fantasy story.

Lara has waited all twelve years of her life to go to magic school. She knows she will be changed forever as she is assessed to see what talents she has with magic. Little does she know just how much her life is about to change. Lara must learn to control her magic and deal with bullies as she makes friends and excels in her lessons.

There are evil forces at work in the world of Azmantium, forces that headmistress Aelwen has been trying to protect Lara from all her life. However, the time is coming where all secrets will be revealed. Aelwen only hopes she can keep it from being revealed to the wrong people.

This is a fun book with a lot of fantasy elements and adventure. The story moves at a good pace with just enough detail. It is not too long which makes it easy for younger readers to finish easily. This first book is mostly an introduction to the way the world of Azmantium works and getting familiar with the main characters. I think it is a great start to the series because it left me wanting more at the end. Part of me feels like I need to read the second book to really get a good feel for the entire series.

My one issue with this book is that it is similar to Harry Potter in many ways. I actually see it as a female version of the story. However, considering the end of the book, I believe the rest of the books in this series will take a turn away from being like Harry Potter. For this reason, readers may find it worthwhile to read even if they don’t normally like it when books have similarities to other books.

Although Dragon Born is not the most original book, it is fun to read. I recommend it to people who enjoy Harry Potter and do not mind reading a similar storyline. It is well written and the story kept my attention all the way through. I am interested to see what will happen in the next book which is something many series fail to capture me on. For all those reasons, I give Dragon Born a rating of 4 out of 4 stars.

Dragon Born
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Latest Review: "Dragon Born" by Ela Lourenco

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Post by kandscreeley » 21 Jun 2017, 07:22

Even if this does resemble the Harry Potter series, I know many that would still want to read it. I'll be interested in seeing how the rest of the series turns out. If it truly does stray away from that plot line. Still, it sounds interesting. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Kelebogile Mbangi » 21 Jun 2017, 07:38

Yep, it sounds like the typical fantasy book. I'm interested though in finding out why a head mistress would protect a student even before the student starts attending their school. Thanks for the review, its very clear and straightforward :)
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Post by Rosemary Okoko » 21 Jun 2017, 11:51

I think it would be interesting to read a female version of Harry Potter. I would like to read how Lara uses magic to deal with bullies. Nice review.

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Bernadette nyandiga
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Post by Bernadette nyandiga » 21 Jun 2017, 14:48

It sounds moreless like Harry Potter's series. I'd like to sè how it end and inviting others to read it. It seems intresting.

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Post by Jaime Lync » 21 Jun 2017, 18:07

Like Harry Potter - not bad. Great review.

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Post by ebolen01 » 21 Jun 2017, 19:35

I love young adult fiction, and Harry Potter, so this book sounds like it would be a great fit for me. The only downside I see is having to wait to read the rest of the series! Thank you for your review, I will definitely be adding this book to my "Must Read" list.

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Post by Insomniac07 » 23 Jun 2017, 13:48

Being compared favorably with a book that was as loved as the Harry Potter series can't possibly be a bad thing. The premise, the cover and this review just made this book all the more compelling. I think I might just get it. Thanks for such a detailed review.
Latest Review: "Sword of Dragonblood" by L. S. Goulet

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Post by bfergusonwpg » 24 Jun 2017, 02:24

I'm not somebody who is much interested inbooks that are mainly aiming for commerical success. I concede I find the original Harry Potter series more intriguing than most things in supernatural genres. The reviewe ir conveys nicely that the technical construction of the book is pretty good though, so I would file this under something I might suggest to other people, young people in particular, though I'm unlikely to read myself.

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Post by MarisaRose » 26 Jun 2017, 17:33

As I was reading through this review, I was just waiting for the reviewer to make a comment about the lack of originality! Glad you pointed that out though... Although this sounds fun and interesting, as an adult who has read this book hundreds of times, I'm going to have to pass! Great review!
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Post by Amagine » 03 Jul 2017, 05:28

I think I would actually enjoy the female version of Harry Potter. It sounds pretty cool. I will admit though, I hate when a book completely adapts the plot and characters of another book. So despite the similarities, I hope the author gave this book some originality. We already have JK Rowling, we don't need another one.

Great Review! ?
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Latest Review: "Salome and Gogo visit Soweto" by Cora Groenewald

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Post by LivreAmour217 » 17 Jul 2017, 13:43

Well, I do like Harry Potter, so it's reasonable to believe that I would like this book, too. Thanks for the lovely review!
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Post by Afuglsan » 20 Jul 2017, 23:10

Reading the description I thought, "Wow, sounds like Harry Potter!" But, hey, I definitely enjoyed Harry Potter and this book looks very interesting. I'll have to give it a read!
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Post by IsabelMay » 19 Aug 2017, 13:42

It might not be that similar to Harry Potter if the main similarity is a wizard school since that kind of books existed long before Potter. I think it will be an interesting book, perhaps not the next big sensation but rather a quick (but enjoyable) weekend read. Thanks for the review.
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Post by ReadingRebecca » 25 Aug 2017, 09:49

Hi, Rachael, did the similarities to Harry Potter make the book boring, or was it interesting in its own way? Did its world have its own unique things in it?
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