Featured Review: Prophase: A Present Tale by Mitchel Street

Discuss the November 2014 book of the month, Prophase: A Present Tale by Mitchel Street.
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Re: Featured Review: Prophase: A Present Tale by Mitchel Street

Post by sinders74 »

Wow! This book sounds fantastic! This reverie alone had me sold. I love young adult and sci fi books. I can't wait to read in full details everything that Piper goes through and discovers about herself.

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Post by aolayide »

"Prophase: A Present Tale" by Mitchel Street sounds quite interesting. Piper must be devasted and lonely after her mum's death. Also, the responsibility of taking care of an alcoholic father and younger siblings must be a tough one. She is trying to make most of her life by moving forward regardless of her background. Kudos to the author.

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Post by Sissybird87 »

Wow. I honestly couldn’t put it down. In Prophase: A Present Tale, I was intrigued right off the bat. The scene of Piper’s mother giving birth pulled me in but also left me with so many questions. I NEED to know what happens next. What was her mother trying NOT to think about? What was she hiding?

Street clearly has a knack for suspense and is able to build on his characters in a way that makes them feel completely real. I feel like this story wouldn’t be the same without both.

I think what blew me away as a writer, was his ability to quickly develop the supporting characters as well. I didn’t know I need that much info about them but now couldn’t see it the same without it.

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Appreciate your review,this definitely is going on my shelf.piper's story and character seems to reflect a bit on what I'm going through,so I really want to know how this one ends.

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Post by Nerea »

The book has an interesting storyline, but the magical aspect stops me from reading the book. I'll pass the book. Sorry.
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Post by Noilaus »

Already hungry for a read because the plot is insightful to purpose discovery in life. Some situations and circumstances comes only to expose the true reason we were born for. Piper's, mother's death, and the boyfriend's disappointment, all came for one reason I assume; to expose her purpose. Thanks for the informative review.

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Post by Agnes Masobeng »

Looking at the book cover I'm starting to wonder if Piper was a wolf or something. Intetesting. Thanks for a grear review.
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Post by Daniel_ »

I wasn't encouraged by the book cover, but after reading this review, I must say that this is an interesting one.
Great review!

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Post by NicholetH »

A coming of age novel about a girl that had a hard childhood and made up some creatures to help her cope. Very interesting storyline. Would like to read it. Great review

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Post by StayAtHomeWithMe80 »

The premise of this novel sounds very interesting, and I do enjoy fantasy novels & coming of age novels. I’m not quite sure if this book is for me, but it’s worth checking out. Thank you.

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Post by ratpizza »

This sounds like an interesting book that I’d definitely like to check out sometime. It sounds like it is a really good book from your review.

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Post by Wokeread »

Thanks for your review. I like coming of age books as it's interesting to see characters find their true selfs. This one is not for me though, as I rarely read fantasy.

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Post by Dolor »

Prophase by Mitchel Street is a #Fantasy tale that involves #Magic and #Werewolves. The story revolves around Piper's #ComingOfAge and the special powers she possessed at the age of 18.

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Post by kelseydwf »

This sounds like a fun coming of age novel! I love the fantasy aspect mixed in with real life problems. It's too bad about the character development; that's a major thing I look for in a book. Thanks for an interesting review!
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Post by supernatural143 »

In "Prophase", Mitchel Street weaves a tale about Piper, a teenage girl with special powers. She learns about her special powers on her 18th birthday.

#Magic #Fantasy #Werewolves

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