Featured Review: Prophase: A Present Tale by Mitchel Street

Discuss the November 2014 book of the month, Prophase: A Present Tale by Mitchel Street.
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Re: Featured Review: Prophase: A Present Tale by Mitchel Street

Post by Juliana_Isabella »

This sounds like a great fantasy novel for lovers of YA. Nice review!

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Post by BrownGirlReads »

I read a few pages from the sample, but ended up stopping as I felt I couldn't connect with the characters since they weren't introduced or set up very much in the beginning. After reading this review, I definitely feel like I should give it another chance and push through as the story (based on what you have outlined) seems appealing. Thanks for the insight!

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B Creech
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Post by B Creech »

Thanks for the great review! It sounds like an exciting storyline, but it can be disappointing when all of the characters are not developed well enough; or even the storyline! I am not much of a fantasy fan so I won't be reading this one but I enjoyed reading your review.
B. Creech

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Post by Clorinda Donovan »

A coming of age story with a teenager facing the world is an overdone theme. This is really not my genre, so I'll pass on this one. Great review.
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Post by ccundall2130 »

This book sounds very interesting. However, the review states there is so much information that is seems forced. Even though I might try it, there are so many good books that I'm not sure this genre is right for me right now. I love that it seems fanciful and has romance. I definitely will give it a try another time!

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Post by Nuel Ukah »

The cover page looks captivating. I'm not into fantasy books, but I'd like to read this one.

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Post by CommMayo »

Sounds like a lot packed into a coming of age novel. Funny enough, I went to Wisconsin-Madison and the mention of it got me all happy!

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Post by todwyer01 »

From a sampling, this seems like an interesting fantasy novel following a young woman as she discovers a new world of different beings and magic. It seems like it would be worth a second look. Well done.

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Post by Kro92813 »

The beginning of the book left me with a lot of questions and I still have some after reading this review! Piper developed some sort of power - I am curious as to what exactly that power is!

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Post by AA1495 »

I understand your points that too much is happening in the book and that there are vague descriptions. I am glad that you liked it overall though. Congrats to the author on the 3/4 rating.

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Katie Canedy
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Post by Katie Canedy »

I am so grateful that there is an official book review for Prophase: A Present Tale. I read the sample, and I could not understand what was happening. Now that I know what is going on, I can say that I don't think that this book is one that I am interested in reading. It feels like there is too much going on.
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Post by ShiRah185 »

Re: Official Review: Prophase: A Present Tale by Mitchell Street
by: ShiRah185

I love fantasy novels so magical spells and new creatures are very appealing to me. I hope the author takes your advice and works on developing the story line.

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Post by Misael »

The review was very informative and gave me a clear, interesting story plot. The book cover provides a hint of where Piper's emerging power will be coming from. I am looking forward to dig in as soon as possible. Congrats!

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Post by Wriley »

Piper sounds like a likeable character and that's really important to me to enjoy reading about the main character. The chapters I read were good. I'm looking forward to giving this a try.
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Post by jeminah28 »

I wonder why there is a cat! I thought it is all about a cat story. The magic seems interesting that will be unveiled on her special day. I am intrigued by what will be the coming life of Piper. Her mother knows the truth about her, but her mother is no more. Their neighbor is a bit intriguing, too.
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