Do the factions cover all personality?

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Re: Do the factions cover all personality? (Spoilers)

Post by Cher+Pot »

Crimsonsky 749 wrote:
krood10 wrote:I don't think the majority of people fit into each faction perfectly. Most people I know have tendencies for many of the factions. I will say that most people do have one that they gravitate towards with their personality. In that aspect, I think she did cover the vast majority of people.
That was the point, most of the people in this world would be divergent if they were in this book. I haven't read insurgent but I have watched the movie. For me this is what I think it means. The people outside the wall are all like the factions but less intense, this was a huge problem for them so they decided to put people that made up all five categories inside the wall. Then once the 100% divergent was found they would release them back into the world to try to change all of the people outside the walls into divergents as well. Or another theory is that they put all the people who were only in one faction inside the wall. Then waited for a 100% divergent to come out so they would fit in with the rest of the society.
I also believe that most people in the world ARE divergent, that is why we feel so much for Tris and each one of us can relate to her on some level :eusa-think: .
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Post by courtney8847 »

I really do think they cover all of the most basic personality traits.

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Post by Jausten11 »

I think so. However, most people would not fit perfectly in one faction. I think we can be more mathematical than creative and courageous, though in the right situations we could all be a bit of each "faction".

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Post by CrescentMoon »

Each faction does seem to have traits that intersect and involve more than one personality type so I think the author did do a good job with assigning the factions.
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Post by doyle5 »

In whole, I believe that the factions cover all the main personality types. The only problem is that in our world often people have personality traits from two or all of the factions. However, people in Tris and Four's world are molded from a young age to only fit one category. It is the people that have a strong personalities that couldn't be molded and shaped to societies pressures. This causes Divergent to be made if they weren't already Divergent.
Given that theory, then no... the factions do not cover all the personalities. That is if you aren't counting Factionless.

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Post by Rachelng288 »

I feel that all factions do not cover all personality traits as it kinda labels an individual as one despite everyone being unique in their own way.

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Post by Mares Nest »

I don't think they cover all the personality types. The biggest flaw in divergent for me was I found it kind of unbelievable. You'll say, duh, it's dystopia, but still. It's impossible to reduce and force the human mind to stay in a society that closed.

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Post by klbradley »

In the beginning, I would have said no, because it seems like there are thousands of different personalities. But after reading through and meeting the characters, you start to realize that although they do all differ so much, they still fit in to one of the factions.
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Post by Clifora »

They cover most of the personalities, but it doesn't mean that everyone only has one personality. If people from our world went into their society, I'm pretty sure that many people would be Divergent. Nowadays, many people have overlapping personalities and it would certainly be difficult for them to make a choice.
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Post by Taylor Razzani »

For the most part I think they cover most personalities, or at least broad generalizations of them. But to be honest some people might not exemplify any of the things the factions stand for, they might be bad people who don't value knowledge, are selfish, maybe brave but not the way Dauntless should be brave, and our prone to tell lies. Though I guess they would choose a faction and try to use their abilities to change things to their ways, but in essence they wouldn't really belong.

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Post by Swara Sangeet »

How can anyone be generalized?? Each of us is unique. We can't define anyone by just a single quality. So no, I think the factions do NOT cover all types of personalities. We are all a mix of a little of everything. Like Lemony Snicket's character, Fernald says, "Nobody is either good or evil. We're all a mixture of everything, like Chef's salad." I agree. I don't think you can generalize a group of people with just one trait.

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Post by Christine_B »

I think if the factions covered all types of personality traits then there wouldn't be any Divergents right? It's an interesting topic that's for sure.
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Post by Kiisme »

I think all personalities are covered in the book, however most if not all persons have at least two personalities. The way you are socialize plays an important role in which personality will become more dominant.
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Post by Naval Aulakh »

I believe that fractions cover all basic types of personalities and layers can be put afterwards.
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Post by BookishCoffeeBlog »

I think that, although a lot of the basic personality traits can be found in the factions, most people would not fit in one faction. Personally, I feel that I am a mixture between Amity and Erudite, with a little Candor. I think in today's society, there would be a much bigger number of divergent people. But, I guess that was the point of the experiment.

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