Do the factions cover all personality?

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Re: Do the factions cover all personality?

Post by sush_destiny »

They cover basic personalities, but personality is not like a box. They are layers and would result in more divergent people.
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Post by dorebri2020 »

I believe that each faction combined covers the traits fairly well, but individually I find it hard to believe that anyone could have really identified with just one faction. I do wish there had been a few more factions, as the unique traits of every human being are far more diversified than just five, but overall I thought the factions were set well.
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Post by girly girl »

I think they cover most personalities, the ones they don't are more complex-divergent. Or at least that's how I understood it.
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Post by Atara Miles »

I think they were mostly archetypes. Possibly there are others that fall in the gray area but weren't deemed as important or as prevalent as the stated five. It can also be that Roth didn't want to overload her story with too many factions that would have been too hard for readers to keep track of and ot was easier to slot the relevant characters into what would have been more relatable and memorable.
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Post by nfdoughe »

As a plot, the factions work, but as a reality, I do think it's quite flawed. I think people are more complicated than one overriding quality. I think there are numerous types of people left unaccounted for. What about people who aren't particularly brave, friendly, smart, or honest? I think there would be more people left out. So all in all it only works if you don't think about it too hard.
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Post by Balena »

If you were to generalize people and their personality, I definitely think that you can just about fit everybody into a faction. However, it wouldn't be a perfect fit; some people may have multiple traits from different factions and some may not feel that they fit in at all.

The ones that are Divergent to me are the ones that have multiple unique traits that overlap into the other factions or even traits that aren't found in the others.
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Post by Barbara Larkin »

I think the five factions do represent core traits. There are, of course, going to be variances and not all personalities are going to be exactly alike, but, for the most part, the five factions portray dominant features.
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Post by yapashley »

I think those are the most general personalities. There would be sub-personalities for each faction afterwards.
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Post by Edna016 »

Well, I do think the factions covered basically all the personalities. There can be just the general personalities then personalities can go in deeper. There can be sub personalities of course like how some general personalities are feeling happy sad and then it can go deeper than that. So generally yes they covered all the personalities.
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Post by Reader 05 »

steinhm wrote: 02 Apr 2015, 23:05 I was just thinking about the factions and the different personality traits, or at least the core personality traits in each person, and I was wondering what your guys' thoughts were on this. Are there any "core" personality types or traits that aren't represented in the five factions? If so, what do you guys think they would be?

I'm racking my brain to come up with some because I'm sure there are some I just can't think of them! I'd love to know what you all think.
I think that she covered all the personality traits in a nutshell, if she had created more factions based on each individual personality it would have made the novel confusing.

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