Being fearless versus learning to control your fears?

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Atara Miles
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Re: Being fearless versus learning to control your fears?

Post by Atara Miles »

I would rather learn to control my fears rather than having none at all. Fear gives you an edge, it makes you more aware and less willing to go off half-cocked because of overconfidence. When you learn to control these fears it's like being leveled up in a game - you have the experience required to overcome more of the same.

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Post by NovaFly »

You can't be brave if you're not scared, thus it is at least half perspective because for example while one person sees climbing a ladder as a mundane task, someone who's scared of heights would be very brave to climb a ladder.

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Post by Julie-p »

All of us have different fears and experiences so I believe that actions that define bravery are relative. Fears sometimes come from rational places, and in my opinion we need to hear them. Though, all of us have fears that sometimes have no explanations, and they are the ones that should be controlled.
I don't believe anyone can or should be fearless.
When Tris says that "half of bravery is perspective" i thinks she means that some actions that you see as brave aren't seen as brave by the one doing them, or the other way around.

Barbara Larkin
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Post by Barbara Larkin »

I think being fearless would be one heck of a thing. Learning to control your fear seems more feasible. Overcoming one's phobias, to be plain.

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Post by Edna016 »

In this world we live in there's so many things you could be scared of. What's in the dark, insects, snkaes , or when you used to get in trouble in your house and you knew your mom was going to get you. Ok, that one was a bit specific haha but it was sometimes true. I think fearless is when you still have fears BUT you don't let it control you. Being able to control your fears is when you can deal with your fears and manage them in a way that makes it seem you're fearless. That might be the other way around though.

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