Do you think Tris made the right faction choice?

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Re: Do you think Tris made the right faction choice?

Post by hermione3280 »

I think she chose the right faction because of what she does in future books. She needs the physical and mental training to fulfill her future role in the story.

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Post by jordyn21 »

I think that she would have chose this faction (dauntless) no matter what her results would have been because she longed to be in that group. She admired them so much and wanted so badly to be a part of it you could tell by the way she talked about them.
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Post by Little House »

No, I don't think she made the right choice. She would have been happier in her parent's faction. On the other hand, there would have been no story if she made that choice, so Dauntless it is the only other real choice.
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Post by unicorny07 »

I think she would have been miserable if she had stayed Abnegation. Dauntless brought out who she really was. Her true self was just being restricted in Abnegation.

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Post by deah319 »

I think she did. She was very aware of her self and the only source of her struggles is her love and respect for her parents.
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Post by Sarah10 »

I think she was put into a situation where there was no right choice because really we all have a bit of every faction in us (and especially Tris, as she later discovers). I think she just picked a faction out of fear of being stuck with the fact that if she stayed with her family then she would always be wondering "what if"... but the fact is, she was a teenager and I don't think most people would be able to make "the right decision" at that age because no one really knows who they are or who they'll become at that age, even if they think they do.

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Post by kio »

I think so. Bravery and selflessness go typically hand in hand. Her handling of the erudite' hostile takeover was nothing short of brave.
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Post by Aspen_Reads »

I think she did. She is selfless, but in order for her to realize how selfless she is, she had to switch to a faction that helped her to realize that she is both selfless AND brave.
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Post by pinkmoon6337 »

I think Tris did choose the right faction. She always admired the Dauntless and it was obvious that she would choose that faction. Dauntless made her stronger and braver, but more importantly it made her realize who she was. Abnegation advised it members to forget themselves, and by forgetting herself she never really knew what was important to her. Dauntless helped her realize that she was a revolutionary.

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Post by MarieMc »

Tris did make the right choice. She became much stronger during initiation. I feel that her coming out of Abnegation gave her a better ability to relate to others and put others before herself. I think that is part of the reason she took it so hard when she shot Will. She KNEW he wasn't himself, yet she had no choice in the matter. Had she been selfless she would not have cared if she shot him or not. She struggled with that choice from that moment on. I believe she had exactly what was needed to be exactly who she was. Tris really couldn't have made any other choice.
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Post by Alexandra Bayer »

Tris wasn't right for Abnegation. Plus, Dauntless was in her blood. It was the only place she could fit in.
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Post by gervaisk »

I do think she made the right choice. She followed her heart. How can you go wrong. I know she was worried about leaving her family but I think she needed to chose her own path. As we read on we can see that she was made for this faction. She has some of her mother in her.

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Post by olyazhuk »

Yes! Tris became brave, confident and strong. When she was little she craved the freedom and never fit in her parents faction. The fact that she is divergent, her being in dauntless taught her to stay alive and protect her from those who hate divergent.

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Post by angelbeats1 »

I think that tris did make the right choice by picking dauntless. She chose to not stay in Her original faction even though that was the easier option. Dauntless was truly a great fit for her and it all worked out in the end. If I was in her position I would have done the same.

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Post by NothingOkGrey »

I think she made the right choice in that she wouldn't have been satisfied in Abnegation. Dauntless also made for a more interesting read.

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