What faction would you have chosen at 16?

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What faction would you have chosen at 16?

Post by Scott »

The following discussion question was included in some copies of the June book of the month, Divergent by Veronica Roth.

What faction do you think you would have been born into, given your family and its values? Which faction would you select at your Choosing Ceremony? Why? How would you feel about making a decision that would determine your life’s course at the age of sixteen?
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Post by Gfarrell »

I would have been born into Erudite because my family is all about education and they value it. At sixteen I would have chosen dauntless. I like to think I'm brave when no one else is. I think making that decision at sixteen is no different than choosing a career path when you're sixteen because that leads you to choose whether or not you want to graduate high school, pick a college, and see if you have to do any post grad work. Beyond that it also decides how much you will make in the future.

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Post by autumnmarie »

I would likely have been born into Amity as my family is all about maintaining a certain social image with friends and church. At sixteen, I most probably would have chosen Candor because at the time I was rebelling against the inert falsity of my families image. I realize now that would have ruined my life as I was still young and not completely sure of what I wanted in life. In the present day since I have grown and my values have shifted towards becoming much more focused on education and developing a future I would best be suited for Erudite.
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Post by Alexsandra »

I would have been born into Amity. My father would have been born Amity and my Mother would have been Dauntless and as she grow up turned Amity. They where big on Self- Sufficency, kindness, forgiveness, and Trust almost to a fault. I would have stayed Amity because I am comfortable with those value's. I do not think kid's of this age are ready to make the choice as to what they will be for the rest of their life's and leave everything behind to do so. If I would have had to make the choice and go to another fraction, I would have felt very stressed, very scared, and very sad. Hoping I would not be making the biggest mistake of my life with no way to turn back.

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Post by fari30 »

I would have almost certainly been born into Erudite as my family is very big on education. When I'm 16, I would actually still choose Erudite (though it is likely that I would end up factionless as I am not so intelligent or smart) but it seems interesting and there fields of job (doctor, teacher) are something that I want to be and I would love to know everything and all. However, I wouldn't really want to join when they're evil, though... :/ I want to join because of the what the faction is and its purpose, not the people in it or the situation.
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Post by CrescentMoon »

I think I would have been born into Erudite. As others have said, my family also places great value on education. When I was younger, even after I finished my homework, I would read extra books and learn things outside school. My parents even made me take extra math classes during the summer. As it was, I was kind of bored of studying and reading all the time, so if I were to choose a faction at 16 years old, I would've wanted the faction that was the exact opposite of being studious. I would've chosen Dauntless because I think the danger and adventure would've been something I would've wanted at that time to make my life more interesting. However, now that I'm older, Dauntless is not a faction that I would want to be a part of. I do think 16 is too young to make a life decision because things can change when you're older.
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Post by gali »

I think Erudite since I love to read and study.
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Post by LittleWilma »

My family would have been Abnegation. I probably would have chosen Erudite. After all, according to my baby sister, I always was a nerd.
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Post by arnaleigh »

I think I would have been born into Amity and then moved to Erudite at 16, but then again I probably couldn't leave my family so I would probably have ended up staying with Amity.
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Post by Paliden »

I would have been born in Eurudite (majority of family members on both sides are teachers). I would have had a hard time choosing at 16 which faction. It would have been a toss up between Erudite and Dauntless. But ultimately, I would have chosen Erudite. I love learning, reading and my family.
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Post by soccerstar95 »

I probably would have been in Erudite because my family values education and I probably would have chosen that because that is what I value as well.

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Post by colbs »

i would have been born into dauntless for sure and probably would have chosen it since id been born into it, otherwise i would have chosen amity, given that I value their views.

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Post by Little House »

I don't know what faction I would have been born into. Maybe Amity or Abnegation, but then again, maybe Erudite. I do know that at 16 I would have chosen Erudite. I was smart and knew it, now that I am older I am not as smart as I once thought that I was, LOL.
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Post by Esrever »

I think ultimately, since I'm a huge nerd when it comes to books and logic problems and history: Erudite. I also have a wicked rebellious streak in me so I also fit in the Dauntless category. What happens if you choose multiple factions during the ceremony? Or do they just decide that whatever comes first is the one you're stuck with? Hell I'd just become Allegiant and leave the stupid city and live a nomad on the outside.
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Post by dchester723 »

Well i would have been born into Abnegation because thats what my mother ended up on the quiz. when i took the test i showed as a divergent that fell into Amity and Erudite, but would choose amity because i'd rather choose the free side rather than the smart, stuck-up side, (of myself, not other erudite candidates) and i would be happy with the decision because in the end i would be living pretty much out of the city and when the time came, because of my divergence i could leave a lot easier

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