Official Review: Karina by E.B. Mann

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Re: Official Review: Karina by E.B. Mann

Post by eumoire » 22 Jun 2019, 17:55

This was a nice review and it made me wanna try reading it. I like the part where Algernon said that some people never find their own caves. I interpreted it as some people live and eventually die without really knowing themselves and more about life. I also like the name of the old man. It reminds me of one of my most favorite books, Flowers for Algernon.

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Post by Scerakor » 22 Jun 2019, 18:00

From paragraph 1 of this books review, I was hooked and intrigued. I absolutely needed to find out what the reviewer meant by "supernatural story with past lives, secret caves, and a talking fish."

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Post by VernaVi » 22 Jun 2019, 18:05

I too was reminded of the Chronicles of Narnia when the door opened to reveal a wintery world inside. Although I don't believe in reincarnation, it sounds as though there was a lot to like about other aspects of this book, Great job on the review!

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Post by graceful-1 » 22 Jun 2019, 18:53

Sounds like very interesting read. I love the storyline and it will be fascinating to see how Karina handles the knowledge she is given.

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Post by knades » 22 Jun 2019, 19:07

I've barely finished reading the book but trust me, it's worth the suspense, and the immense fantasy in it drives me on. Waiting to see how Karina shall handle the knowledge!

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Post by Nicole_Boyd » 22 Jun 2019, 19:15

I think I’ll pass on this one per the reviewers recommendation that people who don’t enjoy stories about reincarnation wouldn’t like this one. Thanks for helping me decide 😊

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Post by Davling_26 » 22 Jun 2019, 19:20

While reading this I was like, "This Genre is my Favorite, really"", yet I hate how other girls bullied her, like as if a scar in the face can make a woman less beautiful. I feel like I wanted to struggle emma with my bare hand😂😂

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Post by Vivianne Nat » 22 Jun 2019, 19:29

The scar and all sounded like Harry Potter. Though it is nice to be reading about something like that. I would like to give this a try snd read it. Great job in BOTD.

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Post by Kirah1999 » 22 Jun 2019, 19:29

This book as really has me interested in reading the whole book from the just the sample. These kinds of books always has me hooked on them and they its written is professional and its sound like it will be getting boring anytime soon which is great. :D

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Post by balestephen » 22 Jun 2019, 19:35

This book starts out intriguing and connects on a vulnerable level in which most people feel picked on or insecure at some point in their adolescence.

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Post by The-happy-reader-7 » 22 Jun 2019, 19:41

Great review! An original plot which combines the supernatural with the fantastic. I love it! Talking fish and mind reading sounds like a fun combination. I am definitely interested !

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Post by e-reeder » 22 Jun 2019, 20:04

This book seems like something I and a lot of other people can relate to, especially the younger ones learning to find their way around life. This is really an amazing book.

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Post by Scarlet Nicoll » 22 Jun 2019, 20:10

This part really took me in, from the review:
I got a supernatural story with past lives, secret caves, and a talking fish.
Looking forward to an exciting reading experience. Thank you!

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Post by phills » 22 Jun 2019, 20:13

Karina" by E.B. Mann.
This story is a bravery one that teaches how to over come an ugly situation in our lives especially when somebody is involved with deformation
If you look at the life of Karina ,I mean this poor young girl is taunted at school, she feels like an outcast among her peer and her friend Mary Blair has her own problem, her two brothers who supposed to help her put some of the grieve away are always fighting..
It is her bravery and desperation that made her to stand put in that wonder land to get the findings which had been troubling her mind for years through Aghanon a talking Rainbow fish..
I found this story interesting.. Thanks

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Post by LV2R » 22 Jun 2019, 20:22

Karina had a different perspective about herself and others after visits with Algernon in the mysterious cave by the sea. It seems like it would be good to see people's motives and heart for who they really were inside and not just what they physically looked like on the outside. Karina used her insights for good as she helped her brothers stop fighting and saw people differently.

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