The Crown by Kiera Cass

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The Crown by Kiera Cass

Post by melclarkk27 »

Let me start off by saying that this was an amazing book, that I definitely recommend. Although I do prefer the original Selection books (The Selection, The Elite, The One), I still loved Eadlyn's story in the Heir and The Crown.
It was quite a suspenseful wait for this one. The last book in the series, The Heir, ended on a MAJOR cliffhanger, that I don't think anyone saw coming. This being say, I dived into The Crown the day it was released, as soon as I got my hands on it. And I was not disappointed.
In The Heir, Eadlyn is completely against the idea of having a selection, but knowing it may be the only way to create some kind of peace after taking away the castes, she reluctantly agreed. Even after the selection started, Eadlyn was not interested in any of the suitors, and didn't put much of an effort into choosing, or going on any dates at all, really. This changes at the end of the book, when she realizes she MUST pick someone to become engaged to.
In the beginning of The Crown, Eadlyn is taking her job much more seriously, now that she is ready to commit to putting some time into things. She eliminates suitors one by one, and has it nearly narrowed down when an unexpected plot twist is thrown in. I loved keeping up with Eadlyn's love life, and all the twists and turns, as she apprehensively makes her decision.
5 out of 5 stars, this series is a must read!

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Post by psychopathycathy »

I very much enjoyed the original trilogy as well! I hate to say this but I really didn't enjoy The Heir because I didn't like Eadlyn's character, and I was really disappointed in how the story turned out. However, I did like The Crown a lot better, so kudos to Kiera Cass for bringing it back!

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Post by ameno8907 »

I really enjoy this series! I loved the original because of the personality of America and what I felt she stood for. She wasn't about to let ANYONE turn her into something she wasn't. When the part of the series came out I was a little disappointed by Eadlyn. I think she came across immature, which really bothered me and was a huge contrast to her mother at that age. I enjoyed "The Crown" much more because I felt Eadlyn grew up and made a choice that was not only good for her but, I think, will be good for her country even if it wasn't the...proper choice.

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Post by bumpleby »

Let me begin by saying that this was an amazing book, that I will recommend. Although I do prefer the original Selection books more so. It was quite a suspenseful wait for this one. Following the author on social media to get hints about its release. With The Heir, ending on a MAJOR cliffhanger, I dived into The Crown the day it was released, as soon as I got my hands on it. Although I was rooting for a different guy to win over Evelyns heart I still loved how it ended.

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Post by lunarlychallenged »

Let me start by saying that I adore The Selection series. I love the characters, and the issues addressed, and the realistic struggles that the characters must overcome. All the same, I was slightly let down by The Heir. I had set aside an afternoon to get lost in the world again, but the plot was so rushed that I hardly had time to. While I am all about characters being hit by the way they really feel, it just seemed far more sudden than a character like Eadlyn would normally allow. It was great, but not so great as the others.

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Post by red_velvet_girl7 »

This book left me sooo disappointed. The first three parts were really good and I personally think there was no need for the heir or the crown. I will suggest people to just read the first three parts in which America and Maxon's story ends.

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Post by Londera »

Currently reading The Heir, Can't wait to read this when I'm done 8)

-- 18 Jul 2017, 11:40 --

I'm getting started on this book now. I love how it picks ups where the other one left off, because that was one hell of a cliffhanger. I wouldve hated if it would have skipped over the events and given it via flashback

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Post by Tamanna »

I think that the original series was the best, and although I didn't like The Heir that much I really enjoyed this book.
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Post by Harmony Hills »

I've read all of the Selection series, and The Heirs, but not The Crown YET. And reading this post, i remembered that i have this book on my To Read List! My God. Thank you for reminding me. I still wanted to know who the hell Eadlyn would choose, and if she will have the same happy ending just like what her parents had. I really recommend this series to the young ones out there who like to have happy feels, a unique romantic novel that will plaster a huge smile on your face! :D
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Post by Vickie Noel »

I was considerably disappointed with The Heir and so much as made up my mind never to read her books again, lol, but I just may check this one out based on this review. I didn't really like Eadlyn's personality so I'd like to see if she's changed of sorts.
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Post by Brandi Noelle »

I did not read the original "Selection" trilogy, so I was out-of-the-loop when asked to review Eadlyn's story in "The Heir." I found the parallels of the Selection and the television series, "The Bachelor," to be quite entertaining. I was hooked on the cliffhanger at the end, so I couldn't wait to read, "The Crown." I thought it was a great way to wrap up Eadlyn's story and I loved the ending. Very fun series.

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Post by Epuise »

I definitely loved the original much more than the Heir and the Crown But it was a great read. The original had my attention and My heart attached where the heir and the crown captivated me much less. It was definitely worth the read though.

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Post by S_Mulla »

I really enjoyed the original Selection Trilogy. At first, I disliked Eadlyn because she came off as snobby and stuck up. But I warmed up to her and had fun reading her journey through the selection.

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Post by Mailis »

Kiera Cass was a positive surprise for me, I think the first three books were amazingly fun, but Eadlyn I remember being a bit unlikable character to be honest.

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Post by RoxieReads »

I was extremely disappointed by the last two books in this series, as I liked the first three books for the fun, lighthearted stories that they are. However, I didn't like the characters in this story at all, and I don't think that two more books are necessary. Three was enough.

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