#Scandal by Sarah Ockler

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#Scandal by Sarah Ockler

Post by Viviana_Ortiz »

Lucy (Luce)is a gamer, who doesn't liked to be in the spotlight like her sister Jayla. She is happy how thinks in her life are, killing zombies games marathons, hanging out with her best friends Ellie, Cole and Griff. But, after Ellie gets sick and can't go to prom with her boyfriend Cole, Lucy goes instead of her as her replacement, life for her and her friends changed. She is caught kissing Ellie's boyfriend Cole. Later pictures of them in bed posted on her Facebook account (which she didn't posted, someone stole her phone and did it) tell a different story than just a kiss. Other people photos posted as well cause hateful responses from her classmates, specially her friends. In the process of clearing her name, she learns thinks about social medias, her friends, and most important about her and her feelings toward Cole and the people around her.

This book is a so up to date type of story, dealing with a socializing online and offline,people looking for drama, and bulling. A modern plot with modern and not so modern problems. Narrated in first person, Lucy, it make the reader get in the mind of a confused, hurt, scared teen who doesn't know what to do with the scandal everyone thinks she created. I have to say that Lucy was not my favorite character, thou I liked how she reacts to everything in the end. She shows strength and heart. My favorite is her sister, Jayla, I so loved how she talks, which in some way totally make sense and is the truth.

"Sorry you've wasted four years of your life with a bunch of bottom-feeding ass-vampires who thrive on inventing tragedies just so they can suck blood of the innocent, turning a young woman's private pain into a public feeding trough for a pack of raisin-balled drama-whoring maggots who'd trade in the ashes of their own grandmothers for five seconds of pleasure at the expense of those women on whom their sham-factory, boob-envying livelihoods depend."

I liked the character interaction in this book. So real. Specially Cole and Lucy's relationship, it may seem wrong at the beginning but it really is beautiful. How he makes her pain go away just by being there for her.

"Sometimes the right hug from the right person at the exact right time makes all wrong in the world disappear."

This book makes a statement about bullying (online and offline), and what could be done. What is happening to teens all over the world. How social media could be harmful if not used right or for the right reasons, to bring together people not pulled them apart.

"Social networking should bring people together, not serve as an online gladiator arena."

A different and modern book. 3 #scandalous Stars.
BTW Loved Lucy's dog name. Night of the Living Dog. Awesome.

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Post by ellen may »

I found this a fun, light hearted read that I easily finished in just one evening. It did feel quite "watt-pad" (if you have any idea what I mean) at times but I still enjoyed this read. It addressed the interesting issue of social media and how that can become a really big problem in society when people use it for the wrong reasons. However, it was still a fast, fun and easy read with a little romance thrown in there. It got me out of a mini reading slump I was experiencing after finishing Allegiant and was exactly what I needed although it wasn't perfect by any means. I didn't really relate to any if the characters and found the writing style a bit "meh" which is why it's not something I will re-read but I would recommend if you are looking for a very easy and light read.

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Post by riir262 »

Haha good little read

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