Looking for Alaska by John Green

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Re: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Post by Lbfrancia2 »

I just read this book after reading The Fault in our Stars. I do find his books geared toward a younger audience, but I did enjoy both of them.

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Post by ghostpixie »

I agree with whoever said TFiOS steals the spotlight from LfA. Looking For Alaska is my favorite book of all time, and I wish it got more recognition!
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Post by bekahh91 »

Looking for Alaska was a wonderful book. I've read it several times and it never gets old. Looking forward to reading it again soon

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Post by JohnOrtegon23 »

Fantastic book. I myself am a major J.G. fan and Looking For Alaska is by far my favorite book released by him. It is really entertaining and probably gonna have u laughing and maybe crying if you are that type of person. Just overall and marvelous book. I really could relate to it and I could really see what "Pudge" was and that was a reimagined Holden Caulfield. I strongly recommend his book to all people, even adults can enjoy this book, because J.G. is an author that every person should read. He ust knows how to write a hilarious and tragic books.

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Post by Courtney Whittamore »

This book had everything. It had the wonderment of being in a new place, the amazement of new love, the awkwardness of finding yourself, and the heartbreak of losing a piece of that self you just found. I laughed with genuine joy in parts and cried with deep sorrow for it's end. I rarely say that a book is perfect, but this one is. It was absolutely phenomenal.
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Post by michystar12 »

The only book I know by john green is "The Fault In Our Stars"

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Post by bronwynrb »

I really didn't like this book and ended up skiping alot of it. But I've heard of so many people likeing it!

lilly thiele
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Post by lilly thiele »

Looking for Alaska is my favourite John Green book and definitely made me cry the most of all his novels.

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Post by Samanthawalls6895 »

Looking for Alaska was an amazing book. It captivated me to the point of finishing it in a single day. I couldn't put it down. John Green captures do much emotion and truth in his writing. He evoked the emotions if the characters into his readers. I laughed, cried, and mourned the loss of Alaska. An amazing book. One of my absolute favorites! 5/5!!!

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Post by jordyn21 »

I was so in love with this book and it really left an impact on me. There are a lot of things to think about and ponder during and after reading this books. I'm not going to say what they are but there are some really intense and deep questions that this book asks and makes you think about if you get really into this book. I was so impressed with the characters and the uniqueness of this book. It was unlike any that I have read before in a good way! It was predictable but in an unpredictable way which was a pleasant surprise. I usually am very heartbroken over sad things that happen in good books and this book has sad aspects but it was in a very elegant way. I was very impressed with this book and I recommend it all of the time to people who enjoy the young adult genre.
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Post by kar3nna »

I truly adored this book when I first read it, I understood the characters and felt emotionally connected with them. I've recently re-read it (now that I'm out of my emotional teenage years) I see more than just the tragedy of the ending but the journey and growth of the characters.

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Post by mallardmishaps »

IMO Looking for Alaska felt a bit like the literary equivalent of a snack - it's enjoyable and you're a little sad when it's done with; but it's quickly forgotten while you remain unsatiated. I don't think it was badly written, but as with some of his other books (please don't shoot me) I did feel that parts of it bordered on pretentiousness. (I was going to say 'pretentious hipsterness' but I wasn't so sure of that so into the parentheses it goes. What pretentious hipsterness? I'm not so sure myself, but my only real criterion for that is that even as I read the book, I can see whole chunks appearing in hipster-esque fonts against hipster-esque backgrounds on - you guessed it; Tumblr.) Also, I did feel it wasn't very realistic (which is slightly strange given that I'm a teenage female creature and all) though some of that could conceivably be attributed to cultural differences and whatnot.

I should really learn to be more concise. Okay - tldr: Not crazy about it, but I enjoyed it.

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Post by AlexTheGreat121 »

Great book! I loved the pacing of the book and the character development. The second half of the book became a page turner that I could not put down. Very well written. I give it a 4/5 stars.

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Post by Dando »

I read this book when I was in high school and it first came out. I loved it, but I can't remember it very well now.
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Post by andriana_stajic »

John Green is one of my favorite authors. This book I believe was geared toward a younger audience and was very realistic. One thing I like about his books is that you can always imagine yourself and place yourself in the characters shoes. His books are very relatable and life changing.
Looking For Alaska was geared to a younger audience, but I also believe that anyone could read it as well. I loved the book, but in a way it was very boring at times. I wasn't expecting the end, but in a way you can also predict it as well.

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