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Re: How To Get A Book Published

Post by R_A_McClure »

The posts on this topic are several years old, but for what it's worth, I'm going to throw my hat into the ring and address the topic of getting a book published. As stated in earlier posts: writing the book is the easy part. I say that as a single mom who wrote an award-winning book late at night and over Christmas, spring, and summer breaks. I was also a teacher at the time. Working a demanding schedule and putting my kids' needs first, my debut novel was five years in the making. But I was determined to finish it-- and when I did, I celebrated by jumping off an undisclosed bridge into a river 50 feet below and near where my sons were then in college. That was definitely the easy part! I am currently working on Book Two of my trilogy. I've received about two dozen rejection letters from literary agents. I've spent more money marketing my book than I've earned in royalties--- way more!! But I am proud of the book I've written. I'm proud of the Top Honors award I have received from LITERARY CLASSICS. And I'm determined to finish my trilogy. The words on the pages of my books, or the reading devices of the future, will long out-live me. And knowing that I've left a part of myself in this world is kind of cool...Therefore, I downloaded my book on to Amazon's KDP... it was free, and within a matter of hours it was out there and ready to sell. Amazon offers no marketing support. You can spend a lot of money bidding for clicks, and I've don that. I've tried the free give-aways... and I picked up a few hundred readers that way. I made my book available in print-on-demand. Doing so through CreateSpace was free and convenient. The process of getting the formatting correct was a headache I'll never forget; but it's out there for anyone who can find it. However, the issue always comes back to marketing. I'm not a wealthy person, so I can afford to do little. It's frustrating at times because what little feedback I've gotten from my book has all been positive-- but if no one knows it's there amid the other 74,000 books pouring on to the e-book market every month-- it won't gain an audience or achieve "success." Am I sorry I wrote it? NO! I believe with every fiber in me that I was born to write that book and the two coming after it. Will I continue to try? YES! But hopefully, slow and steady will produce the results I hope for, just like the tortoise who finally won the race against the hare. It could happen!

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Post by P_hernandez »

So how do you market books, then? I've heard it suggested to host a launch party or just advertise it everywhere. What strategies worked best for you, Research Scholar?
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Post by njzeba »

HELP NEEDED: I think this may have been addressed before but I am unsure. Where exactly do I find literary agents and how much would I have to pay the agent? Does the money vary? What is the average amount? Also, what are some marketing strategies to promote a book?

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Post by jennaveves »

I've got the sections of the book I'd like to write broken apart finally, although that will be the easy part. When I was younger I had all the time in the world to write or daydream, and now that I'm a parent, I find that every moment is precious, and there simply isn't time like there once was.

Of the little research I've done, it seems that it is getting easier to have a book published as most of you have mentioned. Amazon seems to do a lot of the work for you simply by making it available. I have several friends who seek out books by new authors and then review them, causing the book to gain some attention.

Is the author famous as a result? No, but isn't it an author's dream to have their story read?

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Post by Heidiannemurray »

Thank you for the info! It's an eye-opener. I'm currently writing a YA novel that's getting closed to being finished. This definitely gives you a lot to think about, I doubt I'm going to make any money from it , but it's apart of me out there. A part that worked very hard on. Even if I bomb hard, I know that it's always going to be something I'll look back on and think, I wrote that and I tried. It's very scary process. Thank you again for helpful info:)

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The Royal Secret
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Post by The Royal Secret »

This makes no sense nowadays. There are literally millions of authors who have submitted books to agents and publishers and never ever had a reply. The reason is that there is a surplus of authors and so unless you are already known to the agents etc they prefer to deal with the devil (and money earner) they know than you!
It really is best to get your book self published on Amazon and then try to get it reviewed by Goodreads or Online Book Club or by people you know who can write a good review and see the results for yourself. They almost certainly will not be anything as good as you might want, espeically if you are a debut writer, but it is a good discipline for you to see what people think of your book and it might even be one that takes off. If it does on Amazon or iTunes then you can be pretty sure a publisher will notice and contact you to help you get your book into the book stores, which without them is an impossible task. So good luck. Remember it takes all sorts to like what you have written. Don't be disappointed. See the results, have patience, since good words often take time to spread and do your best to attract attention to your book.

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Post by dpuckridge »

Very interesting post about the realities of trying to get a book published.
A goal of mine is to have my family tree book published. Are there independent publishing companies that publish family tree books, I don't think the book will be sold.
Other goal is to publish a book on my travel to Alice Springs, Darwin while travelling on the Ghan Train.
I would be interested in other members opinions, views or information they may have in regards to my questions

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Post by klbradley »

TechKnow wrote:Well, I have to say... I just took a "Damn the Torpedoes" go at it.

I spent the time, focused on the book and Viola' it was done.

Then I did not really know what to do. I needed an editor, I needed a publisher and someone to do the cover. Everything was so overwhelming (let's not even get into my actual life that did not seem to care and just relentlessly soldiered on regardless of my aspirations).

So my book sat on my hard drive. And sat... And sat...

Eventually one day, I opened it... I did my best to edit it (ok be gentle I did my best). Then I whipped up a cover in Photoshop.

I created an account and self published though Lulu dot com (sorry can't post URLs yet). It cost me nothing and I got a free ISBN.

My book is now on Amazon and I am hoping to see some sales before long. The book is entitled "What Every Website Owner Needs to Know" and took me about 18 months to write. I spent about 45 minutes a day before work and it just came together.

Lulu was relatively easy and a good alternative for me. The whole process of getting published was simply too daunting. With a wife and kids and all that goes with it, writing the dang thing was tough enough.

I am now working on a sci-fi novel. I have a good 20 or so pages written.

How nice it would be to actually make money doing this...

Could you tell me more about Lulu? I'm interested.
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Post by karoberts7 »

This is great info. The comments on here are super helpful too! I'm currently in the process of writing my first novel that will hopefully be part of a series of three. Thanks everyone. Now, I just have to get to finishing it!

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Rachel McClellan
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Post by Rachel McClellan »

I want to add my experience for whatever it's worth. I traditionally published my first 5 books then made the switch to self publishing. I was too nervous/insecure to try self publishing, but four years after publishing my first novel, I am wishing so badly I had self published them all because I make way more money self publishing. That being said, I learned SO much about publishing, editing, marketing through traditionally publishing that maybe I wouldn't have been as successful had I not gone the traditional route. Maybe. It's hard to say. I know I would've had to work a lot harder.

If I had to give advice to new authors, I would suggest finding successful indie authors and start associating with them. They are some of the kindest, giving people I know. And they truly want to see other indie authors succeed because they know the road is difficult. Someone helped them once, and they want to pay it forward. (My experience anyway.)

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Post by emthomas1 »

Thanks for sharing, Rachel. Did you have more luck meeting those indie folks through the online medium or conventions or something else entirely? Curious for your further thoughts.
E.M. Thomas

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Post by Izabella »

I do believe that now a days there are options for everyone to get their work published. Either through more traditional routes i.e.: via agent, which I believe is still the best option. However as the market is so competitive and most agents receive such a high number of submissions every day, it’s very hard to get noticed by them.
Luckily, now there are small publishers that often take submissions direct from the author. Hybrid publishers, which may ask for a start up fee to publish work and self publishing. The basic rule is: never give up on your dream.

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Post by Deneale »

I tried to get a publisher. I thought it was easy, my brother is doing it. But because he writes Christian Novels he claims its more difficult. My first two books were poetry. This guy wanted to charge me $300 plus. So I went to other authors that I personally know. I ended up publishing through Amazon. I'm not making any money or book sales either. I don't know what's right or wrong, but my words are out there and honestly that is what I wanted. I just didn't want to die without my words being read and known. But I can't even get my Children to read my books....

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Post by DaisyI »

Thanks Scott,

Interesting post.
I hope to publish a book soon; this has been helpful

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Post by LeeCarver »

Scott, your introductory comments (written in 2011) indicate that typical steps in the process of traditional publishing is to get an agent, get a publisher interested by writing a query letter, and receiving an advance while the author writes the book. My experience and that of my author friends is that the book must be written--very well--in order to even get an agent. Advances are for authors who have already published successful books. I have an excellent agent, but I had to pitch a completed book to even get her interested in representing me. I'm now a "hybrid" author--both trad and indie published.

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