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Ashley 1820
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Re: Writing Challenge (opening lines to a novel)

Post by Ashley 1820 »

Water drops waving in the air!a big giant mosquito sitting just before me! my hand is talking? Wait...is this my hallucination? Or I'm dreaming.... no....if I am dreaming then why on earth I am feeling the pain of these cockroaches pulling my hair??!

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Post by DreamWriteDo2 »

I'm a bit late since I just joined the site but this challenge looked fun!

He stabbed me in the back, but I kept running. My adrenaline was wearing off, but I kept running. My breathing was ragged and shallow, and that's when it all started closing in on me...

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Post by Im2Adorkable4U »

There had never been a worse time to sneeze. Nost twitching, stomach churning and there it was. The loudest sneeze I'd ever heard. Hopefully that monster around the corner didn't bat an eye, except he did and he was angry.

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Post by earthheart »

Since witnessing the turning, he pledged his life to the one who had saved him from the madness of his people, but delusion still had him pinned by its coarse claws, the fight for freedom had just begun.

Hope I am not too late, I love stuff like this! :D

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Post by Ripley3131 »

It's been ten days since the world went dark. There is no day, only night and the inevitable extinction of our species, potentially all life here on Earth.
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Post by Randomgold »

Hope nobody minds if I join in at this point in time.

The city was its usual bustling self. People of all walks of life went about their business as usual. None of them paid any attention to a group of large people with fur and fangs instead of skin and teeth.
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Post by kc2514 »

Waiting. Waiting, wishing, wanting. Jacob needs to hurry up. I'm standing out here in the heat for who's knows why. I wish he would just come already.

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Jennifer Allsbrook
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Post by Jennifer Allsbrook »

Billowing curtains above his head woke John. Peaking through his lashes, the sun beckoned him to start the day with a yawn and a good stretch. Scratching Henry behind the ears, he savored the dawn - his favorite time of day. The early morning air was crisp and the world seemed a new creation rising out of the night. April and Spring and the promise of new life filled John with excitement.

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Post by angel_amanda »

The meadow, ah yes, the meadow...
You'll walk in and think it the product of dreams and fairy tales. It will be then the meadow will strike.
It will strike hard and true, I dare say, you wont even know until its too late. But that would be a lie. The Meadow Watcher always makes her victims aware of every waking moment and of every ghastly torture

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Janet L
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Post by Janet L »

The words "don’t tell" had become the sweetest words Bowen Baine could hear coming from the 15 year old Princess Adara. Though he was five years her senior, he wasn’t at all more mature, being an ogre, or any more knowledgeable about the things that had been taking place between them lately.

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Post by stepie82 »

A long long time ago there lived a modern day Cinderella. She cooked, cleaned and took care of other people who didn't give her respect and used her. Cinderella worked hard everyday and there was yet to be a Prince Charming in sight..or was there?

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Post by mewsmash »

The question wasn't why Sunny had chosen to be a writer, but rather, how she had managed to write down all of the CIA's classified documents.
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Vivian Paschal
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Post by Vivian Paschal »

He stood there confused. The tears begged him to let them go, but he held them back. His ego was too strong for that but not too strong to beg. He watched the gun kiss his daughter's ear. "I'll give you the package. I'll do whatever you want." "Too late for that." His wife's face lit up as she pulled the trigger.

-- 17 Jun 2017, 16:29 --
mewsmash wrote:The question wasn't why Sunny had chosen to be a writer, but rather, how she had managed to write down all of the CIA's classified documents.
Humm... This seems promising.

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Post by TJayne89 »

The clock ceased its melancholy ticking at precisely one second to the hour. The hour was when the screaming began.
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Post by yellosteel »

How it happened nobody knew. Boom! Boom!! Boom!!! All at once people began to scamper for safety looking for where to hide. The sky exploded raining fires and brimstones .

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