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Please help me is this interesting Redneck Zombies

Post by zombie99 »

What do you think of this please share

Redneck Zombies

The cop car pulled up to the black, rusted, and broken gate leading up to the abandoned mansion of Dam Street. They were responding to noise complaint from the neighbors. The two officers got out of their car and were walking up to the front door thinking it was just high school students having a party inside, they were dead wrong. When they got to the front door they heard screaming coming from inside, without hesitation they busted down the door to find a blood bath.

“Hey, Sandy you going to Chris’s party Friday night?” asked a boy in a sports letterman’s jacket he was tall, dark hair, and very appealing to the high school cheerleaders. His name was Johnny, he played for the Gorillas high school baseball team he always played left field he never let a ball hit the ground. He was very smart he had a scholarship to Cal-Maritime academy in Oroville, CA.

“I don’t know I am supposed to babysit that night for the Walsh’s and I know Brent is going to be stupid drunk there.” Said Sandy walking to class it was fourth period she had history. She was the smartest student at Gorilla’s high school. She has blonde hair, green eyes, and always wore a pretty outfit that has all the guys looking at her.
They were both walking at a steady place Johnny rested against the classroom bell trying desperately to get Sandy to go, but she wasn’t budging an inch. The bell rang everyone entered the classroom and took their seats Johnny started walking then yelled something.
“Well if you don’t want to go, can I come over and you can help me with math!” asked Johnny hoping that Sandy would say yes to his proposal. Right before Sandy entered the classroom Johnny’s phone goes off buzzing it was his dad sending him a text message then it buzzes again an this time it was Sandy she said she would love to help him with his math homework.
Johnny texts back can’t wait for Friday night, then looks at his dad’s message. His dad works at the highly classified army base research and development lab hidden in the forest. His dad wants Johnny to stop by after school. Johnny is hoping that he didn’t do something wrong, so he texts back saying I’ll be there as soon as possible. He decided it was best if he wasn’t late to his math class, so he sprinted to the class barely making it on time.
After school, Johnny got into his f-100 pickup that his father bought him for his birthday. He took the back road to the entrance. He was stopped by a military guard. They knew each other and the guard asked what he did now. Johnny shrugged his shoulders and drove through parking by the gate. He made his way to the lab where his father worked, but his father seemed to have disappeared he wasn’t there.
Johnny walked back outside and asked the guard if his dad left the base? The guard seemed confused, the only way in or out was through the gate or underground tunnels. The base wasn’t that big even a guard could see everything for half a mile. Johnny’s father never left his car was still there parked in its usual parking spot. Johnny showed the guard the text from his father.
Maybe he went into the mess hall while I was on break. Said the guard, the guard pointed to a big tent like building in the middle of the base. Johnny started walking to the mess hall when he heard gun fire coming from the lab. The guard and Johnny quickly went to go investigate, what they saw was horrific. Blood was all over the walls, the lab was a complete wreck and in the corner was Johnny’s father holding an m16 assault rifle in his hands cursing with every breath he took.

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Post by hhhsquare35 »

I love short story contests. Is there one coming up in 2017? I love to write short stories.

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Post by JJenson »

I'll take on any contest, even poetry. But if it's poetry you'll probably get something about a man from Nantucket.

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Post by karolinka »

How do we enter? This would be a good opportunity.
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Post by Amcdanel86 »

I agree I think there should be another writing contest

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Post by Abfaniki »

Hi Poetry writing contest.

that my opinion.
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Post by living »

I would prefer poetry but who is there to give us the rethym of the poems?better still lets go for short stories.

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Post by Quirinius »

Well am just remembering how I did it while I was in High School and College.

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Post by Amagine »

I want a writing contest too. I think it would be a lot of fun reading the stories of fellow members and voting on them.
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Post by magicquill »

I actually would like to have a poetry contest.
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Post by Talent Rusinga »

Hie everyone. I am a newbie here and am super excited to be here, are thre any writing contests going on at the moment?

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Post by RegularGuy3 »

How about something like the "For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn." story? Ask for stories shorter than 10 (or whatever) words. Could open up the contest to all fields, as it could cross poetry, fiction, or non-fiction.

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Post by brownsugar »

i really wan to enter in a 25 word novel

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Post by BoyLazy »

Short story please
Boy Lazy
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Post by fergie »

I'm a newbie here, but as well as being an avid reader (and a librarian) I also love writing. I've had a few short stories published, but my ultimate goal is a novel. I'm about half way through one now, so will see how that goes. Definitely interested in any short story comps!
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