Favorite part of writing a review?

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Renee Bella
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Re: Favorite part of writing a review?

Post by Renee Bella »

My favourite part if writing a review is reading the book. Experiencing a new world is wonderful and I love that each book is different (obviously). However, I my least favourite part is the fear that I have that I won't do the book justice. But, I have faith that my writing and my love of books will carry me through :).
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Post by P_hernandez »

My favorite part of writing the reviews is voicing my frustrations. I write a much better review when the book is horrible than I do if I've really liked it.
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Post by ericawatkins »

Favorite part: analyzing the work
Least favorite: compiling my notes

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Post by CatInTheHat »

LivreAmour217 wrote:My favorite part of book reviewing is getting the opportunity to share enjoyable books with others. In my everday life, I don't often get to discuss books, and reviewing allows me to do just that. My least favorite part is having to write negative reviews for those not-so-great books. I believe that honesty is the best policy, but I still feel bad for the author when I have to give a book a low rating.
It is hard to write negative reviews. I always try to find something encouraging for the author when it's necessary to give a low rating.
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Post by Clifora »

ALynnPowers wrote:I like getting free books out of it. 8)
I definitely have to agree with you. Getting free books to read is amazing! However, my least favourite part of writing a review is when I don't like the book, yet I can't point out the flaws, or I like the book, but I can't seem to find out the great parts of the book. I'm just stuck there, rereading the book but still unable to succeed in coming up with a review for the book. However, I still find writing reviews quite fun!
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Post by fabulasaule »

My favourite part is the conclusion, especially if it is something like this: 'the book is total rubbish'. I know it is cruel, but if the book is written only for commercial purposes and is really rubbish I kind of enjoy confessing it. I also enjoy writing introductions.

What I do not enjoy is retelling of the plot. It is always allready given on the cover so I only have to tell it in my own words. So it is often boring...

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Post by AA1495 »

When I write a review, I love explaining the plot and what you can expect from the book. What I don't like is having to critically evaluate even the most beautiful books

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Post by MarisaRose »

Least favorite part is definitely writing the things I disliked about the book. I try to be constructive in order to help the author, but sometimes if I really didn't like a book, it's hard to put a positive spin on it and I don't want to be too harsh.

Best part, reading the books before a lot of people get to! I think it's fun knowing people may value my opinion and may choose to read or not read the book based on what I say.
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Post by jamesabr »

Favorite Part: Pointing out positive aspects of a book's themes, characters, and other parts. I'm new, so I haven't discovered a book yet that I would give a negative review (like a one star book), but I enjoy finding good things about the books I read. :)

Least Favorite Part: Rating the book on a scale of 4 stars. The system is fine, but I usually take hours to decide on what the rating should be. :(
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Post by Thimble »

Favorite parts: I enjoy picking out the book to review and being able to let others know how much I enjoyed reading it (If it's a good book). If the review can spark an interesting discussion, even better.

Least Favorite: Writing a negative review. Writers put so much work and heart into their books and I feel bad about saying negative things.
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Post by Sarah_Khan »

P_hernandez wrote:My favorite part of writing the reviews is voicing my frustrations. I write a much better review when the book is horrible than I do if I've really liked it.
Haha, I somewhat agree with you. I feel like when a book gets a strong emotion out of me, either bad or good, then that makes for better writing. Other times, when a book is unoriginal or just average then I'm not left with much to discuss. :P

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Post by karolinka »

I like reading books, and I like expressing my opinion about them that I can communicate to a larger audience of book lovers. So, the writing part is fun- getting into the author's head and translating to others who he or she had in mind when they wrote their book is fun for me. Also, getting free books!
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Post by +++--- »

Book review is such an interpersonal skill ,It's main goal to show your view in such a manner that other at least bound to ponder in different way.

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Post by Insightsintobooks »

I enjoy writing reviews because I get to help other people finds books they might like. I also like to write them as it gives me a way to express my love of books.
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Post by mewsmash »

My favorite part of writing a review is sneaking little jokes in so it doesn't seem as dull, and so it stnds out a tad bit more. However, I don't like being required to sum up a book in just a few sentences. A lot of the books I review have plots that are way too complicated to summarize in just two sentences, and when I make the summary brief, I feel as if the people reading won't get the book in trying to explain.
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