Are you a quiet person? Are most writers quiet?

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Re: Are you a quiet person? Are most writers quiet?

Post by eastandalchemy »

I had a lot of extroverted-type jobs before becoming a full-time writer. I have no idea how I lasted so long in the corporate world because I am an introvert to the core! I feel that the quiet ones are often the most observant, which would make perfect sense that writers fall into that category. I've also noticed that many writers, myself included, shy away from small talk but could sit and discuss books, theory, and certain subjects for hours when in the right company.

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Post by Heatholt »

I am a person who thinks deeply, is constantly observing my surrounds and keeping notes for my writing. However, I am not a quiet person. I am loud and funny and love to make people laugh. So i have to disagree that writers are all quiet. I am definitely an exception to this.
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Post by clint_csperry-org »

I can be a quiet person. Though I tend to thrive better when I am out there doing something with others. My wife and I have volunteered as interpretive hosts at the state parks here in Oregon, we have also volunteered at the Hatfield Science Center in Newport. I realize that when I have spent an afternoon introducing people, mostly children to the marine life that lives off our coast, I seem to have a strong sense of satisfaction. When I am actively writing however, I prefer to keep my head down and focus on the story that is developing on the screen or page in front of me. That too is an adventure that keeps me satisfied. So, to answer the question above I guess my response would have to be ... sometimes. As for others, I do not know.

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Post by Inkroverts »

It's stereotypical that writers are introverted and think by themselves a lot.
I'm a quiet person and I've yet to find someone who breaks this stereotype haha.

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Post by DrequaB_1 »

Yes. I am quite around strangers and even towards my family sometimes. I don't know how to use this website. Can someone please help me?

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Post by Ericq7 »

Yes I am quite and keep to myself all the time.

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Post by espo »

Although I can be quiet at times, I would say I'm quite talkative and I know how to carry a discussion. I just become quiet or introverted when I'm in large groups where I don't know a lot of people, in that case I step back and I let others do the talking.
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Post by Nedbrian »

Writers are imaginers. I have known many writers and all of them are not near quiet. They always have lots of words spewing from their lips in description for a simple item. They are just so loquacious and never quiet I must say

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Post by Sarah Morse »

On the outside, yeah I’m extremely quiet and introverted. I’m a 5 on the Enneagram, meaning that I’m much more of an observer. I prefer to respectfully listen to conversations rather than participate in them. Occasionally I would chime in when I’m talking with my friends about something I’m especially passionate about, like books for example, but otherwise I’m kind of just there with an occasional smile or laugh as I take in the words being said.
Inside my head, however, the words never seem to stop coming. I’m a regular chatterbox when I’m having private conversations with myself. Of course, that’s not always helpful when I’m just trying to get some writing done.

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Drakka Reader
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Post by Drakka Reader »

I am pretty quiet, but I don't believe that most writers are quiet. They can be pretty varied, loud and quiet, or even loud only with things they like.

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