To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

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To All The Boys I Loved Before

Post by miss_taylor_d »

I could NOT put this book down!
Right from the very first introduction of my favourite character (josh) I was hooked!
Its the story of a girl who helps look after her 2 other sisters and her dad. One day a box of her old love letters (that she wrote) get sent out to each of those boys and thats when the story really kicks off.

although, around half way through the book, things began to go not exactly how I wanted and it's safe to say things didnt turn out the way I would have liked.

I'm always falling in love with the first romantic interest that gets mentioned in a story and I don't really like it when the two characters dont end up together!

All in all, I loved the book especially in the begining, but the further I got into the book and the more I realised she was falling in love, the less I enjoyed it. An amazing story and concept none the less.

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Post by A P Bullard »

Title: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
Author: Jenny Han
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Genre: YA Romance
Pages: 288 (eBook)


Lara Jean is in the middle of her sophomore year, and the middle child of three sisters, who call themselves the Song girl. Song was their late mother’s maiden name, and they use it as a tribute to her and a way of remaining bonded to her in her absence. She is Korean on her mother’s side, and American on her father’s. The family carries on Korean traditions, and celebrates Korean holidays, and it’s a very important part of their culture. So is family, and Lara Jean’s is about to change dramatically.

The eldest sister, Margot, is leaving for college in Scotland at the end of the week. She decides to break up with her long-term boyfriend, Josh, to make the transition easier for both of them. Shortly after Margot leaves, Lara Jean’s box of love letters that she has written to previous crushes mysteriously disappear. She searches everywhere, but she could not find them. Well, until the boys at school come up to them with their respective letters, demanding explanations.

When Josh receives his letter, Lara Jean panics and kisses the most popular boy in school – Peter, another letter recipient. Having just broken up with his girlfriend, he comes up with an idea. They make a pact, and enter into a fake relationship to make his ex jealous and throw Josh off the idea that Lara Jean loves him.

Will this work out? What will happen when Margot comes back? Worse, yet, is Peter’s ex going to kill her?

Pre-reading Opinions:

I was really excited about reading this book. The cover, the exciting synopsis, and the raving reviews were all things that had me longing to read this. It sounded really cute, and I was ecstatic when I was finally able to get it. (Birthdays are a wonderful thing.)
give it to me now

Post-Reading Reactions:

Um…What? Okay, so I’m probably going to be labeled as bitter or grumpy with my past two reviews, but I feel validated in my opinions. The main character is a really important part of any story – the most crucial part, in fact – and this main character was obnoxious. This severely dampened my enjoyment of the book.

She is naïve to a fault, selfish, and pretty darn dumb. Some of the things she says, thinks, and does are just plain stupid, and I could not help but roll my eyes at her. Oh, and the whole Josh thing? Not acceptable. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to have a romantic relationship with my sibling’s ex. You’re touching places they’ve touched, and just…UGH. *Shudder*

The main plot sounded great in the synopsis. If any of the letters that I had written back in my teenage years had been mailed out like that, I would have been so mortified that I would have quite literally died. Just fallen over and BAM! Dead. Lara Jean, on the other hand, doesn’t seem all *that* embarrassed, and the result of such a horrible event really was pretty anticlimactic.The female friendship was really lacking, too. I just didn’t get any emotion from Lara Jean and Chris’ relationship.

That being said. . .
I really wanted to know how it was going to all work out. I couldn’t put this book down, despite the obnoxious main character. I was horrified at her actions, but it made for a really dramatic read. I wanted to know how her faux relationship with Peter would turn out, and how it would affect Josh.

It wasn’t the complete love triangle that most YA Romances have, and it worked really well with the main plotline. Plus, I absolutely loved the cultural diversity! The family finds their Korean heritage to be very important to them, and that is evident throughout the story.

The character development of Margot and Kitty were evident, though I’m still not keen on Lara Jean. All in all, it was a good read and I recommend it. I don’t regret spending money on it at all.

This story shows that, sometimes, even something horrible can be truly beautiful.
4/5 stars for this adorable read. Oh, and I REALLY want to know what the sequel will bring. That ending has me on edge.

Have YOU read this book? Did you like it? What did you dislike?
A. P. Bullard
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Post by [karla] »

Favorite book so far! Everything about it is perfect. I loved how this was a love story but it also focused on the relationship that this girl has with her family. And also we've all been there before right? Liking two guys at the same time and not knowing of it. Like it doesn't get perfect than this. The only thing I hated was the end. It had me wondering what will happen and everything.

Can't wait to read the second book "P.S I Still Love You"

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Post by cj17 »

I really enjoyed To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Although, the first fifth of the book was slightly boring and took me longer than normal to get through because of that. It is definitely unique and had me guessing which guy she was going to pick, which is a relief form most books where you have it figured out pretty quickly. Albeit, the characters aren't the most developed I've ever read and you go through the book wanting to understand the characters and their motives a little more. But overall it was cute and an enjoyable read.

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Post by AimeeTanner24 »

I loved this book even though there were a few drawbacks for me. I did not enjoy the fact that there really wasn't any character development. In my opinion, Lara Jean just seemed like the same from beginning to end. However, in some ways I could really relate to her. Almost every girl falls for two boys at some time in her life and it is a very stressful experience. The beginning was a little slow but it wasn't too slow. I read this book in a day and the ending definitely had me wanting more. Overall , a great book and I cannot wait for the second one. I just wish there was more character development throughout the book.

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Post by Jesska6029 »

I want to read this book! I downloaded it to my Nook months ago, and I really need to find time to read it.
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Post by lennon_fontaine14 »

JENNY HAN, I love you and your works that I couldn’t get enough of it so I ended up crying all night wondering how in the hell I feel so happy yet so sad about this book. And I mean all the emotions I’ve felt in a really good way. I just hope that you would give this book a sequel because Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Song Covey deserves a second shot!

So, what’s to love about this book?

A. The story and the it’s flow was realistic enough to believe that Jenny Han’s characters in here really exist and inhaling oxygen as much as we do. The characters each have distinct traits that you can relate to. Like, I really feel Lara Jean’s position that she would rather choose to keep all her letters to all the boys she have loved before than giving it a shot. Not that I’m a coward, or maybe I am, I just like to imagine a lot of what if’s with someone I like rather than making all of those what if’s into real.

B. This is not all about getting smitten and whatnot, it is all about family. And that’s what I like about this book. In real life, we don’t just consume our 365 days by thinking if you are falling in love with someone and all the sappy craps about love- we have family, friends, LIFE that didn’t just revolve about who is your flavor of the day, month, or year. I like that the story shows how family and our unconditional love for them is the most important thing in this world. I must admit that I kinda relate with Lara Jean and Margot’s life because I also have two sisters and I always have to act as an example to them.

“You’re keeping me going, Lara Jean.

C. And lastly, what’s not to love about PETER KAVINSKY and JOSH SANDERSON? Though I am Team Peter all the way, I must admit that Jenny Han really did a good job on executing two adorable and swooning male characters in one book! Hahaha!

So, I’m not just hoping but eventhough my review isn’t convincing enough, I am not denying and I am proud to say that this book is a must-read and definitely one of the best book I’ve ever read this year! xoxo

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Post by spablo_94 »

Thanks for the review. I'm really looking forward to read this.

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Post by BookWormGirl92 »

I really enjoyed this read I clicked with the characters right away and the story line was very attractive to the mind.

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Post by kyratopiabooks »

La-la-la-loved this book! The writing was real and funny, the characters were real and flawed like any normal person and the plot was so cute! I am really really really looking forward to the sequel in May. I loved Lara Jean's character and how she relies on her sisters. The whole Song sisters thing was really sweet, how they banded together in honour of their late mother. By just calling themselves that, I felt that they had a stronger bond than normal sisters did. I loved how easily Peter's family embraced Lara Jean and their blossoming relationship. Honestly, I feel the book ended way too soon-like their story was just beginning. Aside from the characters always jumping to conclusions-*cough*Margot and Lara Jean*cough*-I absolutely loved everything about this book. Even Gen and her crazy bitchiness!

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Post by HeavenLeG »

A wonderful book that I was able to relate to, I loved it and wish I could read it for the first time again.

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Post by stephs143 »

As a 30 year old woman, I was hesitant to read this book as it seemed like something my 12 year old niece would love. However, I saw a twitter post from Lauren Conrad stating that she read this book as part of her monthly book club and loved it. So, I picked it up and read the entire thing in less than 24 hours. This book made me nostalgic for my teenage years and allowed me to reminisce upon my first experience with dating and being in love. The main character, Laura Jean, was so easy to relate to and I found all of the characters to be well developed.

I also read the second novel in the duo called, "P.S I Still Love You" and found it just as moving as "To All the Boys I've Loved Before". Both Han books were enjoyable and I would recommend reading these to teenagers as well as woman who want to relive their first love experience. :D

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Post by Mother »

Oh my gosh, I had to buy this book when I saw it, and I'm 40. :) I thought, "Awkward teenage romance? Reminds me of my adolescence. I'm in." It's adorable - it really is. It really captures the pain of liking boys, trying to figure out whether or not to act on that, deciding between them, the awkwardness of friendships and how that relates to boyfriends... Definitely recommended reading! ~ the many misadventures of one working mom

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Post by laurayam »

I have this book on my KIndle but didn't start reading it yet! I had heard from a friend that this book was really good. After reading everything here, I can't wait to finish my current book and start this one!
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Post by Cleothereader »

This book is amazing, I repeat, this book is AMAZING!! Jenny Han is a great writer! Not only was this book a page turner but it kept you on your toes the whole time. I truly enjoyed every moment I was reading this book and I cannot was until I read the sequeal. The three sisters in this book are not only extremely close but also have different personalities that compliment each other. Through the many issues they face as a family, they remind to stay close.
Not only is this book about the three sisters, it is about one sister mainly and her love life turned upside down. With her older siste going off to college she has to figure out not only how to run the household but also how to be an older sister that her younger sister could depend on and still keep her sanity. Everything thrown her way she gets through with her own personal touch and flare which makes her the gem she truly is. If you're looking for a great book written by and even better author Jenny Han is the author you need to go for.
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