Review: The After Series by Anna Todd

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Re: Review: The After Series by Anna Todd

Post by Dvmond21 »

Commenly amazing novel, it has me wanting to read more of the series and just outstanding! Great work Anna Todd.

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Post by Dwoods »

I absolutely love this series! It’s such a good love story and whilst reading it I noticed that it’s very similar to other books I’ve read. If you love the twilight books, the fifty shades of grey trilogy and wuthering heights, this is definitely the book series for you! It’s a classic telling of how a damaged and emotionally unavailable boy meets and falls for a innocent, sweet girl, who challenges his behaviour, makes him question himself and changes him for the better

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Post by Strangeminds »

I did not like Hardin's character at first as he seemed too cruel for an innocent girl like Tessa. But as the story developed, l could see how both of them had emotional past experiences regarding their family and how they were fit for each other as they found solace in each other. I began to love their story.

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Post by Jani_oz »

I hope you all don’t kill me but I really didn’t like the series as I just kept seeing toxic relationship giveaways everywhere. I mean, Hardin’s possessiveness for one is just a dead giveaway as well as his anger management issues. Also, the thing about the bet... not cool.

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Post by Leopard121 »

I only started reading this series after seeing the film on Netflix. OMG ……. This series has completely and utterly consumed me. I feel as if I'm so close to the characters that I can feel their emotions. I finished the third book last night and now only have 2 of the smaller books left. I feel so sad that it will soon be over. Granted this was my first book that I have read from cover to cover (and I'm 29) but I cannot get enough. I have 2 weeks off soon from work and I'm planning on re-reading the entire series. Anyone out there who shares the same opinion as me, please message me as I need to keep talking about it!

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Theofilia Chroni
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Post by Theofilia Chroni »

The after series...
I was really young when I first read the first book and I honestly did not understand why a couple after all the problems, fights and break ups would go through this trouble again and again. Why a toxic relationship will be so hard to run from...
Now I can finally understand! It doesn't matter if they betrayed each other so many times because at the end when they were apart nothing made sense. Tessa and Hardin make sense. They loved with no measures. Even if you never loved someone like that you can understand their passion· The need to be close to one another no matter what! This couple forgave each other so many times for so many things, but in the end isn't that what true love is? Forgiveness, passion and unconditional love. Their love was for an eternity!

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Post by sarahmolinaa »

This book left me speechless, it captivated me in every way possible, I was itching for more and more. Love the series, I downed it in less than a month.

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Post by Annclaire Gachie »

I like your review very much..its short and precise without emiting the key themes in the book.
The novel sounds great and i cant wait to read it

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Post by Gaby Crystal »

I did read it on Wattpad first than I baught the whole series I love it I'm obsessed

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Post by Laurarenteria514 »

I started reading this series first when it was a fan fiction. Once I heard that they were making a movie one them, I decided to read this version. After reading it, I fell in love with this series even more. I love all the drama that goes on. I love how she explains how Hardin is before Tessa and how he changes once he starts falling in love with her.

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Post by Mercianne »

After is one of my favorite books,i read it on Wattpad i loved tessa and harry’s chemistry but i love harry’s character from a person who never care about anything or anyone except himself and a person who never believe in love to a person who wanted to change and be a better person for the girl he loves. That book show how love can make a person want to change for better and gives hope for people who thinks they can never be loved for the way they are or for their past

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Post by madhur_mehta005 »

So this was my first ever book in the romance genre. I had never explored this genre before. However, the entire After series was such a pleasure to read.

By the time I picked the first book up all the books in this series had already been in the market. So I read them one after the other on a vacation. I was amazed at the complexity of characters and loved all the drama involved with the two.

This series made me pick up more books in the romance genre.

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Post by Phantellphiri »

I truly enjoyed reading the After Series by Anna Todd. It captures the true art of romance and highlights university life the way it is. Im also a university student and reading Tessa's story kinda reminded me that im no different from her. I really loved the Hardin and Steph characters. Hardin was, to me, the one who proved to Tessa that people can change because of true love.

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Post by Aela »

A very refreshing story. Never have red something like this story.

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Post by ananya03 »

After is a really awesome series. Especially as it is not a typical smooth flowing happily-ever-after love between the characters. Anna todd has perfectly captured the fights, arguments and all the other stuff a couple faces through Hardin and Tessa. The characters are incredibly sexy and so messed up! You'll not put it down until the end cause you will want to know how everything turns out . It's hopeless, passionate, steamy - basically a perfect romance series.

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