Official Review: Whispered Wishes by Sue Lilley

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Official Review: Whispered Wishes by Sue Lilley

Post by KristyKhem »

[Following is an official review of "Whispered Wishes" by Sue Lilley.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Whispered Wishes by Sue Lilley is a romantic thriller set in England. The plot follows Olivia Wilding whose life turns upside down when her lover, a celebrity photographer, spontaneously destroys her career and their relationship. Humiliated and penniless due to the scandal he created, Olivia retreats to a small cottage she owns in Havenwood. She easily makes friends in the village and quickly catches the eye of her handsome neighbor, Nathan Swift. Unfortunately, Olivia’s past catches up with her and strains the blossoming romance between the pair. She gets caught in the middle of a dangerous feud between Nathan and Lucas who coincidentally have a history together. Can they all put aside their differences and work together when Nathan’s five-year-old daughter is suddenly kidnapped?

Firstly, this isn’t a typical, predictable romance story. I absolutely enjoyed the unpredictability of the events. The plot’s volatility also hinged on the characters, especially Olivia. I could not accurately gauge her dynamic personality so I was shocked by some of the decisions she made. Lucas’ decisions were also hard to predict because he seemed very air-headed. He also had a surprising past with strong connections to questionable sub-characters. I really liked how the book kept my mind alert with this unique blend of characters and plot twists.

What I liked the least about the book was that the author tended to delay giving an explanation or backstory. For instance, Olivia and Lucas’ story wasn’t too clear at the beginning of the book. Only in the fourth chapter did I learn how their relationship began and ended. Sometimes, I felt out of the loop until certain details were revealed. Actually, a couple of times I flipped back to reread certain pages just to ensure I hadn’t missed anything (I didn’t, the author just hadn’t gotten to explaining it yet). A good book immerses the reader in the story, it doesn’t make them feel like an outsider.

A range of themes was explored in this book like lust, friendship, and parenting. Emotional themes of loss are also present. The book contains swearing and occasional erotic scenes. As it isn’t a typical mushy romance tale, younger readers may not appreciate the complex storyline and drama. Therefore, I would only recommend it to mature readers. Furthermore, mature readers will be able to relate to the characters’ experiences as they may have also encountered things like divorce and losing a baby.

Whispered Wishes was fairly well-edited. I only stumbled upon two minor errors. I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. I deducted a star because specific details for certain events and characters were not logically introduced. This broke the flow of the story and left me confused at times.

Whispered Wishes
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Post by Laurina_Olowo »

This really sounds like a real story. Having to go into hiding or start a new life only to have the old life surfacing. I imagine it would be frustrating for Olivia. Awesome review.

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Post by Cynthia_Oluchi »

This review sparked my curiosity. Who kidnapped Nathan's five-year-old daughter? What could the scandal that brought Olivia down be? This book seems like an interesting read!

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Post by khaulah »

The storyline sounds interesting. I would love to read the book. Thanks for the review!

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Post by Songjohn007 »

Staring at the cover of the book with the little, one might think it's one of the romantic novels out there, but thanks for the expository review that changes my view on the book.

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Post by Mbalewechinonso »

This book simply entails strong connection Olivia's past and present. Olivia would be placed in between two choices. I'll love to see how it ends when I get the book..

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Post by Miraphery »

Olivia's retreat to a village to get over her failed career and relationship, falling in love with another man and the kidnapping of Nathan's daughter, that's a good storyline. Thanks for the sincere review

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Post by Salma_asa »

I am not a fan of romantic novels but as it is a thriller, I may try this one. Thanks for your great review!

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Post by praise+anyi »

Olivia from suffering a heart break to finding new love, yet her past came calling. I wonder the history Nathan and her ex had before Olivia came into the picture. I must affirm that this book feels intriguing.

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Post by shaffer1988 »

Wow! I am torn on whether or not I'd be interested in reading this. I was intrigued when your review went from a blossoming romance to the kidnapping of a child! :shock2: Unfortunately, I don't know that I would take a chance on this book due to the drawn out backstories. Great review!

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Post by Princepetr10 »

The review is nice , I haven’t read it . I will surely read it .

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Post by bookloverqq »

One woman with two man,one from the past she want to forget and another one she have relation in present.both man have stories in the past.really thriller! Thanks for review

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Miftah raza
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Post by Miftah raza »

Just when we think the bad past experience or person has gone completely and we try to start afresh it shows up! I'm sure this experience of bad luck in love of Olivia is much relatable to many in today's times. From the review given, the story looks intriguing to me. Also who doesn't want to read romance with thriller and suspense! Thanks for this review!

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Post by Rachel693 »

This review makes me want to read another one of Sue Lilley’s books. She does a great job of character delve loom ent and keeps you engrossed in the story because it’s not a typical love story there are always twists and turns along the way.

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Post by Belia_ »

The story line sounds very interesting and like this story would be a great read.

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