Official Review: The Artist’s Special Touch

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Official Review: The Artist’s Special Touch

Post by Mindi »

[Following is an official review of "The Artist’s Special Touch" by River Wild.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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I read The Artist's Special Touch by River Wild, and this is a story that definitely leaves a lasting impression on my heart. This touching first novel by the author is a simple, easy-to-read story, yet the storyline still has a depth that will keep the reader immersed until the end.

This book is about a young man named Jackson Henderson who lives with his single mother in the coastal town of Folly Beach, South Carolina. Everything about the town is picturesque, and the story follows Jackson through his late childhood and teenage years in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as into adulthood. Jackson learns at a young age that he loves to paint, and he becomes very talented at it as he starts painting different scenes that he encounters in real life. Much of the story is also about other events of his childhood and the people in his town who help to shape him into the man he becomes. When he is in high school, he meets a waitress named Hannah, who he falls in love with, and the story takes a turn toward romance as Jackson begins to interact more with Hannah. From that point on, there are some unexpected twists and turns to the story that will keep the reader engaged in the lives of the characters.

The author's writing style was very simple, and at first, it may seem that the story is just basic dialogue and events of Jackson's childhood. However, when you continue to read, the characters really come to life, and you realize how they all have a purpose in who Jackson is becoming. There are many very touching moments between Jackson and the people in town, especially Mr. Willie, a man who gives Jackson a job at his automotive business and who becomes like a father to him, being that Jackson's dad lives far away. About halfway through the book, some time after Jackson and Hannah meet, the story really starts to take a turn, and many unexpected twists and emotional events take place. The title of the book will take on a new meaning as an interesting twist to the story takes place, and from there, it is an emotional ride all the way to the end of the book.

While I was reading the book, I happened to think about how many aspects of it reminded me of the country song Paint Me a Birmingham. What is interesting is that I looked up the author after reading the book, and I read an interview with him that states he was inspired by that song! The story is definitely heart-warming and has a southern, small town feel to it.

The only negative to the book is that there are several grammatical errors. Mainly, it was misplaced commas and apostrophes. Sometimes, a comma was where a period needed to be, making a run-on sentence. As far as the story itself goes, I would give 4 stars, but I cannot do that due to the errors.

Overall, I will rate this book 3 out of 4 stars**. However, I would encourage you to not be deterred from reading the story because of that. Being a first book for this author, I think he has done a supreme job of telling this story. When you really get into this book, it will give you chills and leave a lasting heart-warming impression. I saw that this author is writing another book, and I am looking forward to reading it. I feel like the editing will take a turn for the better in future books, and I hope all his books become successful, because I see great potential in his writing. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting an easy, yet emotional story about faith, love, and friendship.

**The minor editing issues in the book have been fixed and the reviewer has upgraded the rating to 4 out of 4.

The Artist’s Special Touch
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Post by kandscreeley »

At least these types of errors can be fixed easily. This sounds like a drama, as it follows this boy's life. I'm not sure it's for me, but I enjoyed your review. I love that it was based on that country song. Thanks!
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Post by Dentarthurdent »

It seems you really enjoyed the book. Well-developed characters and plots make a book worth reading, and I am glad to see that the author paid attention to the development. Great review!
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Post by kdstrack »

You have made me curious about the title! I like that you pointed that Mr. Willie became like a father to him. I wonder if the book explains why his father isn't around? Thanks for the recommendation.

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Post by Ellylion »

Sounds like a very good and relaxing read :) I would definitely check this one out even in spite of the mentioned above grammatical errors. An artist's love story with twists and turns is worth reading, in my opinion. Thanks for a great review!

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Post by Prisallen »

This sounds like a character driven story. I hope the author fixes the errors soon, as this might be something I would like to read in the future. Thank you for a wonderful review!

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Post by AntonelaMaria »

This sounds like a lovely read. I don't mind commas or other grammar errors.
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Post by maggi3 »

It's nice that his first book was done so well. The errors are unfortunate, but they don't take away from my interest. I'll have to try this one out. Thanks for the review!

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Post by danielleamy »

I wonder if the 'special touch' has something to do with the supernatural? I'm intrigued by your review, thanks for the recommendation!
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Post by Omordah »

Very informative and heartfelt review. You peeked my interest, and it sounds like a great beach day read. Thank you for your review!

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Post by jasmine-louise »

This sounds like such a good read, thanks for reviewing.

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