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Nardeen G
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Re: Who's Your Favorite Author?

Post by Nardeen G »

I read a lot of fantasy so I love people like JK Rowling, Sara J Maas, Leigh Bardogh, and Stephanie Meyer.

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Post by Gathoni1991 »

My favourite author is Robert Ludlum, may he rest in eternal peace. He mostly wrote thriller novels that had settings across the globe. I feel he did his homework well each time he wrote a book, because he had vivid descriptions of the settings of the story. In one book, The Prometheus Deception, he described the British Parliament and left me wondering if he got a hold of the building's blueprint. Also his books have been turned to movies, great box office hits- for instance The Bourne movies.

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Post by cdhundley »

That is a tough question, and seemingly, the answer is different every year. It's ranged from William Faulkner to Leon Forrest to Stephen King to Jonathan Franzen to Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Jack Kerouac. I've just gotten back into reading fiction regularly, after about a decade of reading nonfiction. I'd have to say Stephen King has written the book I found most enjoyable so far just since I have reimmersed myself in fiction.
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Post by MrWriter »

I feel pride in telling that Roald Dahl is my favourite writer.
Dahl’s short stories have the capacity to leave you breathless because they are entirely unpredictable.
His incredible ability to describe an evil or horrible scheme in rich detail is so riveting, that you are completely caught up in its authenticity and excitement.
An example of his great work will be "Kiss Kiss".
His stories for kids are also so interesting that kids cant leave them.
For example "Matilda" and "Charlie and the chocolate factory".

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Post by Lighton »

Cathy wilam i like her work she is a good writer, she knows how to give her readers the best reading novels, her creativity is just fantastic when you just read your imagination just takes you there, she's that good i like her books very much.

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Post by FlissShields »

Oh this is a very difficult question for me and it is definitely genre specific.

However as soon as J.D. Robb releases a new book I am there.

Sadly since having the kids I can’t seem to read thriller/crime as avidly as I once did, but I can always make room for one of these.

I do love a good chick lit book - Marian Keyes is a firm favourite, along with Patricia Scanlan or Jane Green.

Terry Pratchett and J.R.R Tolkien are part of my go-to.

I still occasionally pick up a classic, though a B.A in literature put me off for a while :lol:

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Post by Billhill »

Steven Pressfield, Chuck Palaniuck, Wilbur Smith, Conn Igulden to name a few

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Post by Brandt »

As of right now I would have to say my favorite author goes between Brandon Sanderson, Oscar Wilde, or Shakespeare (any other theatre majors out here?). Honestly, I'll read whatever I can get my hands on vs. buying by author which I know might be weird for some people. For me, it is whether the story excites me rather than whether I like a certain author or writing style.

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Post by cassiekeech2019 »

There are so many great authors. I have a few that are my favorites.
Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Saul for Horror and Thriller.
Patricia Cornwell for Crime, Mystery, and Thriller.
V.C. Andrews for Drama.
Danielle Steel for Romance.
James Herriot, I love the stories of his time being a veterinarian.
Tami Hoag, John Sanford, Laura Ingalls Wilder, etc. Soooo many good authors.

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Post by ivetters »

My favorite authors are Rick Riordan and John Grisham. Rick Riordan and his series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians still to this day I connect to my childhood and resurfaces some nostalgia. These books are able to portray troubled kids and how it affects them as a person and shapes them as they grow. John Grisham comes second to being my favorite author, he is a very good writer and is able to keep the suspense and mystery in his books flowing. I absolutely love both authors and treasure the way they are able to write.

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heena abdul majeed
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Post by heena abdul majeed »

The creator I'm most obligated to is Steven Pressfield. The creator I'm getting a charge out of the most right currently is Sherman Alexie. It's difficult to pick a "top choice". Throughout the years, the writers I've perused the most are: Orson Scott Card, Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, Hugh Howey and Anton Chekov.

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Post by Tjpetty03 »

My all time favorite author is Stephen King! The mix of crime, monsters, and death keeps me on the edge of my seat and I love that in a book!

Other authors that I love are:
Dean Koontz
Thomas Harris
Michael Crichton
Patricia Cornwell
Elmore Leonard
John Sandford
Iris Johansen

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Post by knmurray02 »

I've never really had a favorite author that has stuck. It changes as much as my reading choices have changed. There are definitely some authors that I love such as Liane Moriarty, Jane Green, Ann Perry, and Jacqueline Winspear, but even they have written books that I didn't care for.

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Post by _l_e_x_y_22 »

My favorite author at the moment is definitely Diana Gabaldon. Her writing style has kept me on the edge for many of her 800 page and up books. I cant really say that she'll always be my favorite and that I've never had any others but for right now it's definitely her.

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Post by Leah_fitz »

Let’s see favorite author...
Alright I’ll narrow it down to JK Rowling, John Green, Richelle Mead, and Sara Shepard.

I’ll read almost anything, but these are the authors that I find myself having to read and loving every second.

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