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Re: Stephenie Meyer - Twilight

Post by Hclaxton »

I can honestly say that Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series is what made me fall in love with reading. Before I read her books, I wanted nothing to do with literature; now I can't go a day without it and I never leave the house without my kindle. The Twilight series was completely captivating and I was hooked...not to mention I fell in love with Edward Cullen.

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Post by Shelbilyn09 »

Wow! I did not realize that! She is an amazing author though, I can see why the process went so quickly when you can write out masterpieces like the Twilight Saga. Of course the books are wayyy better then the movies. Movie adaptions always take a little something away from the story for me, but on the other hand who doesn't want to see their favorite stories acted out in front you. :wink:

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Post by bookreader101 »

I just read Twilight and I loved it! It is amazing how fast she could publish an amazing piece of art :)

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Post by Lulibug13 »

Oh my god! I read this book for the first time! I fell in love with the vampire, Stephanie did a really awesome job!

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Post by Monet_va »

Stories like this give me hope that it is possible for wannabe authors like us... but yeah, sounds like luck has a lot to do with it :lol:

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Post by mariana90 »

I read it as a teenager and become obsessed with it, even though I could recognize the writing was not great.

I reread it a few years later and was unpleasantly surprised with how creepy the books actually were. I think they cater to teenager's self-doubt, wish-fulfilling their fantasies that even though they are klutzy and not very special, a smoking hot guy will find them insanely attractive and declare his undying love.

Quite horrible stuff, to be frank.

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