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Discuss the April 2013 book of the month "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card
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Re: Ender's Game

Post by THWilliams82 »

I haven't read the book but have wanted to since I saw the movie. I always find that books are 1000 times better than movies.

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Post by melbuhtoast »

I was a little skeptical of this book at first. I wouldn't consider myself as someone who gravitates to science fiction (though, I absolutely do enjoy sci-fi when I end up reading it!), and it sounded like a book that only boys would like. Boy, was I wrong! I was engrossed in the story from the very beginning, and could not put it down. I've been interested to read other books in the series, but haven't yet!
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Post by Duende Knocking »

I loved this book! Definitely a 4/4 for me. I've read this several times now (though I'm glad I skipped the movie, as I heard it changed a lot!)
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Post by DalekPrideParade »

Another book that I have to read. My list is so long.

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Post by debo9967 »

I really liked reading this book. Childhood is supposed to be the best time of a person's life and the memories of childhood are a treasured possession. The story was so touching.
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Post by CataclysmicKnight »

THWilliams82 wrote:I haven't read the book but have wanted to since I saw the movie. I always find that books are 1000 times better than movies.
After just seeing that this was a (long) past book of the month, that was my first thought as well. The movie was pretty awesome!
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Post by Jesska6029 »

I really love Ender's Game. Card does a great job bringing in the subject of child soldiers, and what we do to children when we take away their childhoods. I am a person who really believes words are the most powerful tool we have, and I really loved finding out that the inability to communicate is what caused the war in the book. It really goes along with my belief that if all parties took the time to try to communicate, we could avoid almost all conflict.
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Post by glassfable5 »

I haven't read this one yet, but it's on my list and waiting on the bookshelf in my room for me to get to it. I did read Ender's Shadow though years ago, and liked it quite a bit. I recently saw the movie, Ender's Game though, and thought it was cool. I'm hoping I can get to the book soon so I can compare and contrast.

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Post by Scorsee »

This is one of my all time favorite books! The characters are amazing and the way the plot develops is fantastic. Ender himself makes an intriguing central character...whenever I pick up these books again I end up fully immersed in another world.

I've read all of the Ender Series and the Shadow series. I think I prefer Bean's perspective a bit more. But Speaker for the Dead was excellent.
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Post by jadestar31 »

Ender’s Game is a masterpiece. There’s no other way to describe it. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of science fiction and I was really doubtful that I would enjoy reading this novel, but this book is incredible. The writing is so intelligent, the characters are so dynamic and the plot moves at the perfect pace.

The one thing it takes a while to get used to is the fact that all the children appear a lot older than they are. Sometimes, it is very difficult to remember that they are only six or seven years old when they’re talking like teenagers. Apparently, it’s one of the biggest criticisms of the novel. However, if you suspend disbelief at this element, what you’re left with are very interesting characters. I thought it was done purposely in order to stress the fact that they were intelligent, intellectually advanced soldiers and could never be mistaken as being simply children.

The relationships between Ender and everyone else were also so important and so sincere. He was shown to be their leader and their commander, but not their friend. The whole book revolves around Ender’s isolation from his friends and family in order to do what had to be done. It’s so heartbreaking, but we’re forced to see the necessity of it. Consequently, there’s nobody to hate. At one point or another, you find yourself sympathizing with all of the characters.

Even though I’m a huge fan of this book, I don’t think I will be reading any more of the series. In my eyes, the book ended perfectly and I’m completely satisfied. I will be recommending this book to all my friends. It’s emotionally complex with a lot of layers. I’m officially a huge fan of Orson Scott Card.
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Post by Rachaelamb1 »

I saw the movie. I didn't know it was a book or I would've waited to read the book first. I thought the movie was OK but not that great. I should read the book because its probably way better!
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Post by teacher_jane1 »

An incredible book. I didn't read it till I was 24, and even though it was written for younger people it rattled me deeply. This book is such a great example of what YA literature can be when a thoughtful author takes on the task! What did people think of the movie?
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Post by minderly »

Loved Ender's Game...but I had a lot of questions in the end...don't think too deeply about the book as an adult.
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Post by Krizelle101 »

This book is unique among other things. Even the "Battle Room" idea that Orson Scott came up with is amazing! I couldn't think of that idea if I tried. I became a fan of the author of Ender's Game because of the said book. Even if it's Science Fiction, Logic would still apply like playing in Zero gravity, colonizing other planets, solar systems, or galaxies or being able to live for thousans of years by traveling thru light years. For me, this book is, in a way similar to Harry Potter, only instead of magic, it deals with science. It was like discovering another world all over again.

-- 10 May 2015, 10:21 --
minderly wrote:Loved Ender's Game...but I had a lot of questions in the end...don't think too deeply about the book as an adult.
You should read the "Speaker for the Dead" by Orson Scott it's like the second book of Ender's Game. All the unanswered questions in the said book are answered in speaker for the dead. This is another awe inspiring book. :D

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Post by Thesaurus Rex »

Everyone always talks about how amazing this book is, but I didn't care for it.

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