Kindle Comic Books Only Viewable on Computer, Will Not Load on Kindle Device

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Kindle Comic Books Only Viewable on Computer, Will Not Load on Kindle Device

Post by RabidFox »

Hi! I have a problem with my Kindle Fire.

Recently, I bought the entire comic book collection of The Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm for Kindle. I read all of them using Kindle for PC. It worked just fine, and I was able to use full screen and everything. There were no problems. However, when I turned on my Kindle device, while all of the new comic books showed up, I was not able to read any of them. The Kindle gave me an error message that asked me if I would like to purchase the books again. The books were not free. I already purchased all of them. After several tries, I realized that it wasn't going to work that way. So I got on Amazon, thinking that all I needed to do was manually deliver the books to my Kindle. However, Amazon told me that I could only read the comic books on Kindle for PC. I was not allowed to deliver the new comics I just bought to my Kindle device.

If I didn't like Kindle for PC so much, I would never buy another book for Kindle again. Is there a way to repair this? Has anyone else experienced this? I don't understand what is going on. I've had my Kindle since 2012 and this has never happened before. Admittedly, I have never used my Kindle much, but you would still think that it would work fine.


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