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is the Amazon Kindle worth buying?

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Re: Amazon Kindle

Post by augusteh »

I have the free download Kindle from Amazon and it works fine. However, when I go online on a book's page on the Amazon site and use their preview reader it is far easier to read than the Kindle application. Since it's free, though, it's usable and definitely worth the "investment".

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Post by The Bookaholic »

Kindles are definetly useful, however, my sister is on her third one since last feb, as they kept on breaking.
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Post by AndreaJ »

I have a Kindle Fire. At first I bought it to read and for the kids to play games but I should have just bought a regular Kindle. All I do is read and I wont let the kids touch it. I take it everywhere in case I need to fill some downtime during my day.

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Post by gali »

I am on my third kindle as well, bit I still think it is great. Amazon service is good as well.
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Post by Inemenoneviem »

I was given the Kindle yesterday (yay!) and I can't get enough of it, I found my passion to read again, it's a lot easier, you don't have to carry books bigger than pillows, it doesn't hurt my eyes and, oh, SOOOO MANY FREE BOOKS! I'm pretty sure I'm in heaven right now :3

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Post by thewyp_1 »

I love my Kindle. I have unlimited access to many free books which tide me over until one of the series I am following publishes. Additionally, search and review on Amazon allows me to consider a book for purchase after I have read a portion that is allowed to be viewed.

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Post by amanda8706 »

I love My kindle!!! I was running out of space for all my books in my office. But with my kindle I can have an unlimited amount of books.

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Post by kaylahar6 »

It is worth getting a kindle it you travel a lot or need a tablet.
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Post by bovaird50A »

Best thing that ever happened to me was my husband buying me a Kindle for my 50th 3 years ago. I have 1,333 books downloaded in that time. Amazing device. I still get a kick of buying / downloading a book at the click of a button.

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Post by patrickt »

I enjoy my Kindle but if you travel a lot it moves up from enjoyable to mandatory. Consider traveling with a few hundred books you actually want to read.

I live in Mexico and prefer reading in English. For 13 years I read what I could find. Now I can read what I want to read. it's lovely.

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Post by 317police »

Yes, I like the Kindle just not for reading. E-Reading is very hard on the eyes. I do have several books for it;however, I really prefer an actual phyiscal book.


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Post by mochababy70 »

The Kindle Paper White is worth the money to read books off of.

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Post by shalom113 »

Really enjoy my Kindle Fire from Amazon. It was inexpensive and able to navigate around freely without any glitches. It is invaluable in conjunction with being a member of an online book club.I still really luv the look & feel of a real book though.

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Post by morenikeji100 »

I don't have a kiddle yet, but am considering to get it very soon.

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Post by Aisha I »

considering their amounts so far, I don't think they're that expensive. other advantages you have is having free books, getting your book easily published as an author, and getting to meet new people with new views about a particular topic, book and much more. all these are ways we learn better than getting to read alone on paper backs. so amazon and kindle are best for you!

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