Which kind of Nook do you have?

Use this forum to discuss the Nook by Barnes and Noble. This is the forum for you if you are deciding whether or not to buy a Nook, deciding which nook to buy, or you already have a Nook and need help doing something on it, need support or otherwise just want to talk about Nooks.
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Which kind of Nook do you have?

1st Edition, 3G + Wi-Fi Version
1st Edition, WiFi Only
Nook Simple Touch
Nook Color
I don't have a Nook.
Total votes: 66

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Re: Which kind of Nook do you have?

Post by librarydancer » 19 Nov 2014, 21:25

HD, I think. I use it all the time for most of the searches I need to do. Really happy with it.

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Post by pretzelsnow » 01 Dec 2014, 07:14

I have a nook hd which is a nook with wifi and internet and so you can surf the web,download apps, and read books!
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Post by readingeyes10000 » 09 Dec 2014, 22:26

The nook is really designed to be used with a button to get back to home page. The one I have is a large display as well. Anyone with questions about it?

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Post by texasdebutante » 26 Apr 2015, 13:09

I have a Nook Color it is several years old but it still works pretty well. I like that I can read books on it and pick up at the same place I left off on my computer or my phone!

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Post by minderly » 07 May 2015, 16:30

I have a NOOK 1st Edition Wi-Fi and a NOOK HD+ - 32GB. My significant other has a kindle though. So we really get the best of both worlds! We are kind of crazy about books. He reads more than me even. Perhaps because he has more time in the army than I have as a civilian. I don't have to wait around for a whole company to do things each day.
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Post by dilchh13 » 07 May 2015, 21:48

I have a Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight which I love very very much. But, one thing that was missing from Nook compared to my 1st generation Kobo is the wallpaper. You're only given a choice between a writer's picture or a picture of nature in Nook, while in Kobo you get the cover of the current read as the wallpaper. This might seem silly, but it's the feature that made me missed my 1st generation Kobo so much. :D

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Post by Momiji1987 » 26 Jun 2015, 01:27

I have a Nook HD 7 inch in white. I named her Ino. At first I didn't like her because my iPod could do everything she did, only better, but since the Google app store exploded, I'm enjoying her much more now. She has a clear screen and sounds really great with headphones. Without them, sound isn't that great on some websites. I like that she plays music, games, and can surf the web, play videos, pictures, and apps, so yes, I would recommend it. I can also read pdfs for school on her and books which I download for free as long as they're too old to have copyrights any more. It's great!

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Post by heathersusanne » 26 Jun 2015, 23:04

I started out with a Nook 1st edition 3G + Wifi and it was my favorite thing in the whole world. I recently got a Nook Glowlight because I love the idea of not needing to have a light on to read, and I love it as much as my Nook 1st edition outside of 2 factors. 1. The Glowlight doesn't have 3G so I need to remember to download the book I want to read prior to taking any trips, and 2. It's a bit slow, and I would think that there would be some graphic improvement with eInk between 5+ years ago and now? Sure, it was only $99, but it was a small disappointment when I first cracked open the box. Not to say don't buy it, I'm just saying if I were to pick it apart and find the flaw those would be it.

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Post by m15ery » 28 Jun 2015, 21:28

I have a nook Color. It's an awesome little device. The colors are vibrant and the picture quality is great. I probably should use it more, but I'm having a hard time transitioning from hardcopy books. I've just always loved having the physical books.

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Post by mckenzie_hulgin » 28 Jun 2015, 21:51

I don't like using a nook. I prefer having a book in my hand. I'm not sure why I'm that way but I don't know.

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Post by constant_reader81 » 07 Jul 2015, 13:02

I have a Nook HD and I really like it. I have owned a Nook Glow Light, but I had to return it twice due to pixels often going out. I have no problems with my Nook HD; however, I think I preferred reading on the e-Ink medium rather than the backlit screen. I like that I can complete multiple tasks on my Nook HD, including logging on to the Online Book Club!

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Post by mimiaurora88 » 12 Jul 2015, 15:15

I have the nook color. I have the nook color for a long time and it still in good condition.

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Post by reso636 » 12 Jul 2015, 16:05

I have the original Nook. I do enjoy reading on it, and there are some good games and audiobooks I can listen too. However, I find I barely ever use it! I live within walking distance of a library, so instead of turning to my nook I just walk to the library. Besides, I like the smell of books :)

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Post by Carey Barfield » 12 Jul 2015, 16:08

Nook GlowLight-It is okay but I prefer my Kindle over the Nook any day.

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Post by jbrown2370 » 14 Jul 2015, 22:30

I originally had a nook color and would use it as a tablet also all the time and loved it but i spend so much time outside i really wanted something that could be seen easier so i switched over to the e ink and the nook simple touch with glowlight. I was having a difficult time choosing between the 2nd edition and the newest one released this year. I chose the older model because i like the fact that it did have buttons on the side to turn a page forward or back, i love buttons where i dont have to touch the screen as much because if i am outside i usually have dirty hands from dirt or bug spry/sunscreen. Also, the newest nook has this rubber casing around it to help protect against falls but when its completely removed the inside of the nook is very exposed. I keep mine in a case 24/7 so the risk of falls dont scare me as bad as getting the inside of the nook damaged. I love this nook, works so well outside!

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