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Re: College as the Default

Post by ViviVivid »

A college degree can take you where you want to be and give you better options. If you have the brains and money, you can take the route. However, it may not be for everyone. People are different and everyone has their way of making it in life.
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Post by Sonia_Gonzalez »

Hannah Hampton wrote: 29 Nov 2022, 20:44 How did everybody feel about Rusk criticizing college as the default option for young adults? Do you think he supported his argument that a college degree is not necessary to live a full and successful life?
College is what is expected, but it is not for everyone and it is not an immediate path to success either. I do not think I would have opted to not go to college, but that does not mean every young adult finishing high school should do it.
Rusk might not give a convincing argument for everyone, but I appreciate the fact that he is starting a conversation around it.

Also: college is not the only way to learn and grow as a person.
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Nisha DSouza
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Post by Nisha DSouza »

I agree that obtaining a college degree should not be the default option for anyone. There are many successful people we know who have made it in life through sheer hard work and passion. There are also those who have a lot of degrees but are still unhappy at their jobs or unsuccessful in life. So the motto should be: Love what you do and do it with all your focus. Success will follow. That is what is needed from the young generation.
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Post by AnInternationalMountainMan »

Honestly I'm not so sure, on one hand I believe that many countries should adopt a completely diffent schoolsystem all together, like germanies school system. Tberefore it is possible to still work a well paying job because those individuals, who have not gone to a university, have to pass years worth of apprenticeships aswell as schoolung to learn about taxes, workersrights etc and become experienced in their respective fields. The individual I knew who went to university in the US and studied for 4 years in a non-qualifying field (Geography, Eventmanagement), all work very mundane jobs that have nothing to do with the topic they studied at uni. Where as the individuals i knew from my own grade took mastersdegrees i the same fields they were working in simultaniously (DUALES STUDIUM), and they immediately made money while being in uni (and yes in countries like germany etc. Uni is free) and therefore where given the ideal preperation for their later careers.
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Post by Smrithi Arun »

College life comes with essential experiences of its own. It is essential for overall development of a human being. However, practical experiences do have an upper hand when it comes to becoming a success. Even then, college shouldn’t be neglected.
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Anee Dede
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Post by Anee Dede »

Some argue that success can be achieved through alternative paths, while others emphasize the value of higher education. It ultimately depends on individual goals and circumstances.
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