The Death Clock

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Rocky Ellery James Tumbelaka
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Re: The Death Clock

Post by Rocky Ellery James Tumbelaka »

Deat clock would work like a motivator for me. Knowing when my time will be over will motivate me to do the best everyday so there will be no regret when the time comes.
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Lindiwe Chakhala
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Post by Lindiwe Chakhala »

Kenesha L Fowler wrote: 13 Nov 2022, 17:41 It would do a bit of both. On one hand it would inspire; we should be aware of our time, how we use it, how much of it we have (potentially, because nothing is guaranteed). Sometimes we forget about our mortality, so the clock would be a reminder. One the other hand, staring at it would drive me crazy. So I'd keep it, but not on my desk where I have to see it all the time. Maybe in a cupboard or closet; I would take it out when I need a gentle reminder that time's a-tickin'.
Agreed! Although I do have reminders about mortality in my life because I come from a big clan. There is always a death in the family. It is during the funerals that we remember our own death clock. There are also a lot of births, so we are reminded that there is a balance in life. It is what it is. The journey of life.
David Chijindu
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Post by David Chijindu »

I believe that if I could see how long I had left to live, I would be depressed every day. Even if I had things I wanted to do, it would be incredibly demoralizing to know that I may pass away in two days. Still, I would make an effort to leave my imprint.
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Aloe Crane
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Post by Aloe Crane »

Jennifer Coxon wrote: 09 Nov 2022, 15:24 What did everyone of feel about the death clock? Do you think it would inspire you or would you fall into a pit of despair like Rusk?

I think seeing it tick away second by second would not be conducive to me being more productive but I agree with the sentiment it left behind of being conscious of what you are spending your time on.
I think it would inspire me. A lot of people in their day to day lives forget about death. We forget that our life is our own, and that we should live it the way we want to. My older brother just passed away a bit ago, and it makes me wonder a lot of things. It makes me wonder why I care so much about appearances and other people when I just need to be happy with my life. I think it could serve as a reminder of how much is left, give me a chance to prepare for the end, and do what I've always wanted to do.
Zainab Wasif
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Post by Zainab Wasif »

I would take some time to digest the fact and then there would be a depression and regrets phase. I would want to do something worthwhile before I leave.
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Anee Dede
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Post by Anee Dede »

Some find it motivational, prompting them to make the most of their time, while others might feel overwhelmed or anxious. It depends on individual perspectives and coping mechanisms.
Dianë Godwill
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Post by Dianë Godwill »

I think I would react the same way he did which is to say... not well. I am already feeling closer to death and I'm in my mid-40's. HAHA! It's a fascinating idea for a clock, but no thank you!
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