Ebook readers: Do you use the highlight or bookmark?

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Nisha Ward
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Re: Ebook readers: Do you use the highlight or bookmark?

Post by Nisha Ward »

I only just started using that fwature. Usually I write notes out longhand in a separate notebook, but that's not often a viable option for me, so I'm learning to use all the features of my kindle. The ability to highlight and bookmark has definitely been useful in that respect.
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Post by lieo »

Highlight text in eBook. You can use the highlighter tool the top navigation bar to highlight specific text and share with your students. To highlight text within eBook. Select the text you want to highlight by clicking and dragging your mouse cursor over selected text you want to highlight.
When you place a bookmark a page or highlight text within eBook you can display a list Bookmark and highlight by tapping the page and tapping the Notes button at the top of the page to display your notes and marks.

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Post by leiabutler »

I personally find it a bit distracting so usually just take notes on a side document

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Post by WhiteLotus »

I don't like highlighting even on my ebooks, tho I do from time to time. I definitely use the notes feature to save quotes and passages that are interesting.
Most notes I take by hand, though, because it allows me to expand on the note (and yes, you can add extra notes on the paperwhite, but I find the keyboard of eink screens super annoying).
I only do it for research in non-fiction/study though.

I never mark my physical books, and I find it annoying when I buy a used book that is scribbled and highlighted all over.

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Post by Esme1992 »

I like to use the bookmark option, only because i haven't really figured out the highlight option and how to review what has been highlighted by me previously :shock: :doh:

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Post by E-Luna13 »

I love the options that the Kindle App provides. I love being able to highlight important passages, save quotes that I want to go back to and read at a future time, seeing the definition of new words, and my favorite is the option to hear how the word is supposed to sound. There are times where I come across a word that I have never heard before and I love being able to hear it in different languages as well. Now with hard copy books I couldn't fathom marking them in any way. I am a bit OCD and would cringe at seeing my pages marked, I would not even want to bend the pages to use as a bookmark!

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Monishka Sharma
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Post by Monishka Sharma »

Yes I do. I highlight quotes, mistakes, or something that catches my attention with different colours and use bookmarks for pages which contain starting of specific scenes which i would love to read again as bookmarking them saves time later, to find from where to read that part.
I love to read some books again and again and specifically some scenes that i feel like to read at times. So it is very helpful.

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Post by pengy86 »

Depends on the type of book. If its non-fiction, typically I will use the highlight or write notes feature. For fiction, I usually don't unless there is a quote I want to highlight.

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Post by bespectacledpetal »

I use the highlight function a lot when doing my reviews. I use different colors for different issues. That's why I prefer reviewing books on my kindle, rather than a physical copy.
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Post by DD129 »

I use the bookmark function a lot when I’m reviewing a book because it takes me directly to the page where I found something interesting/wrong. I don’t know if the highlighter does that, but if it does, I have some experimenting to do!

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Post by MrunalT »

I used the highlighting option too often and for almost everything. I use different highlight colors to mark grammar errors, profanity, interesting facts that I would like to revisit, new phases and words.

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Post by Mounce574 »

When reading, i add a note feature by anything that is an error, profanity, explicit scene. I write the note and then after reading the book I can go back and the notes are listed chronologically. It made it easier for me to keep track of what needed edited and information for my review.

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Post by samathaword »

I use the highlighter a lot! I also use notes it helps me so much when I take notes for the reviews. I love it! Other than for notes for reviews I never really got why you highlight.

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Post by Laura52 »

I love using the Book Mark. I have not tried highlighting

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Post by Goodlu_1 »

I hate underlining, makes reading uneasy. I prefer bookmarks

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