Poll--Is it Time to Replace the Book?

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Should Ereaders Replace Books:

Yes. The time has come!
Not right now, but in a few years they should
No, never!
Total votes: 116

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Re: Poll--Is it Time to Replace the Book?

Post by TuyetMai »

I don't think real, physical books would replaced any time soon. I notice that many titles, especially older ones, don't have a digital version. Take for example All Four Engines Have Failed: The True and Triumphant Story of Flight BA 009 and the Jakarta Incident by Betty Tootell. Oh, how I wish there was a digital copy being sold somewhere. :cry:

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Post by Jlprince26 »

I do like to read on my phone, as it is a bit more convenient, but I absolutely love the feel of real pages in my hands.. There's just nothing quite like a good sturdy book.
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Post by beccabecky »

I don't think so! I enjoy reading on paperback too much

Alison Alissa
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Post by Alison Alissa »

When the entire world has become digitized then paper books should be replaced.

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Post by beccabecky »

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I don't think it'll ever be the time for us to replace books. I think we should keep them around for good.

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Post by CinWin »

I love the feel and the smell of a good old-fashioned book. There is nothing like that, and I would be very sad if they were replaced by e-books!
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Post by Lady-of-Literature »

I think the word "replace" is misused here. We say replace as if books will one down be burned and foreign, like in a few generations our kids won't know what it feels like to hold a Grimms fairy tale. As a result of many jumps to the defense of books. Not so, I believe the question should be better phrased, like, "Should e-books be more common?" or "Should we make an attempt to cut back on paper for environmental reasons?"

Perhaps that's why I voted "yes". Not "yes" to destroy all books and turn to tech, but "yes" to finding alternatives and reinventing the values of physical books. Imagine a society where ebooks, kindles, and laptops, for example, were commonplace in school so there would be no need for textbooks or paperbacks for book reports. Everything can be held into one handheld device that's light and won't take up much room in your locker and bookbag. Forget a book at school, you can just email it to yourself or ask a friend or a teacher.

But what about the importance of experiencing a book, you might say? Well, that's were the reinventing comes into play. Imagine school trips to a massive public library - I don't mean the smalls ones we have now but something huge with layers and imaginative decor to further submerge the feeling of travel as you read. You can visit Belle's library. You can gather young children by a fireplace and read them scary stories. You can sit by a wall/section specifically to audio books or read about plants in a conservatory!

No one is saying "replace" books. That is like saying replace paintings because we have photography, replace theaters because we have home TVs, etc. We won't replace them but I think we should keep moving forward.

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Post by magnoparisi »

I believe books will never disappear. It is impossible for it to happen. I can't believe how long people are saying "books will disappear in the next years". It seems the "next years" will never arrive.

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Post by mariana90 »

Never!!! They can happily coexist, as they have done for several years now.

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Post by corinaelena »

There is something special about a book, that an e-reader can never replace.

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Post by DD129 »

I don't think we should ever replace physical books. However, the option to do so should be made available to everyone, and those who want to replace books with ebooks can take advantage of that and do it themselves without affecting other people. For some, physical books hold a special place in the heart and that shouldn't be taken away.

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Post by KCWolf »

mariana90 wrote:
25 Jun 2019, 19:24
Never!!! They can happily coexist, as they have done for several years now.
Exactly! Both formats have their benefits, as do audiobooks.

I don't think ebooks should replace print books across the board, but I think all books should be available in both formats. Sadly, I've had a lot of hardcopy books get destroyed by water damage, etc. I wish paper books would come with a barcode inside that you could scan, and it would download a digital copy to your device.
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Post by Jennashby_87 »

I think that if there were no actual books, that would be the worst thing ever. I love to have the option of both, but nothing to me feels real unless I have it in hard copy. One day of technology fails us, everything will be lost if their aren’t hard copies out there. And yes I know that sounds mighty dramatic hahah

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Post by nfdoughe »

Even if they become a novelty, I think we'll always have books because we love them too much. They're heavy and tangible and smell and having a bookshelf of them feels like an accomplishment. I love books. I'll take all the books please.
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Post by Leyla Ann »

I don't think there's anything that could replace the feeling of the hard copy version of a book.
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