Poll--Is it Time to Replace the Book?

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Should Ereaders Replace Books:

Yes. The time has come!
Not right now, but in a few years they should
No, never!
Total votes: 110

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Post by Andy1750 » 12 Dec 2010, 09:22


Yes - I think that it's only a matter of time before the ebook replaces conventional books in the same way that the email has replaced the written memo. I think that it will take some time as many people are inherently technophobic. However, I reckon in 5 years max ebooks will heavily outsell conventional books.

Why? There's no point in a conventional book anymore. They require a lot of storage, are cumbersome to carry around and you have to go out of your home to visit a shop to buy one. Ebooks are more convenient, should be cheaper, are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and I can't see any disadvantages that say a kindle would have over owning a hard copy of the book that you own. We just have to get used to reading off a screen - that's the only barrier at the moment.

The device the we use to read books will surely change with time. However, the conventional book has nearly reached the end of it's life and is now obsolete.



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Post by El_greco » 12 Dec 2010, 11:26

i know that technological progress is imminent, but still i don't think the book has reached it's end. The book in its phisycal shape is a part of reading folklore, so i don't think that ereaders are going to have such a cataclysmic impact on books. Sure, the sales might decline (as if they are great now) but i don't think a classic book will become extinct.
+ i don't think you should label anyone who doesn't like ereaders as technophobic. It's simply rude.

At first i didn't even think of buying an ereader, but since i got access to JSTOR, i will mos def buy me one, because i hate reading long texts on the computer, it's uncomfortable.

p.s.:sry for my english.

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Post by GotThatSwing » 12 Dec 2010, 15:42

Andy1750 wrote:...and you have to go out of your home to visit a shop to buy one.
That is actually an advantage of real books I would say 8) And 5 years is rather optimistic prediction IMO.
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Post by tedfiz » 29 Mar 2012, 20:43

i love book.... ebook make me dizzy...

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Post by goldengate » 07 Apr 2012, 12:12

I look at these questions through the perspective of an avid book collector. The thought of e-readers replacing books is horrible (though I love my Nook). I do think the convenience of e-books will make paper books more rare and harder to come by. I suspect "real books" will become more expensive and small publishers may eventually be the most likely source for authors who want to publish on paper. The book will never be obsolete as thehistory of man is so wrapped up in books and scrolls. Many people, myself included, really prefer the heft of a book, the smell of ink and paper, the feel of the paper as I flip the pages, the lovely look of them on my bookshelves, the joy of first editions and author signed books, the love of fine bound books with their leather bindings and gold gilt page edges. You will never have that with an e-reader.
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Post by BookCollecting101 » 05 Aug 2012, 04:32

This is an update to my previous post. I got into the habit of reading my Nook - then it broke. I immediately picked a book from my library and started reading a lovely Easton Press edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Short Stories. I am really enjoying the feel of the book. The leather is wonderful. The paper is high quality. There is a handy bookmark bound in. It is heavier than my Nook but I am really enjoying it. I am using my Nook for newly published books that I don't know whether I want them in my library or not and for the really cheap collections of classics I have been meaning to read... If I decide I want the new books, I can add them... in fine bound or author signed first editions if I want. I love not having boxes and boxes of books waiting to be donated or set free in public places for others to enjoy. The book is here to stay. The quality books being printed today will be here far longer than one hundred years. They may be published in smaller quantities by smaller presses but that is all good for the true book lover and collector.

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Post by odinaesir » 28 Mar 2013, 13:21

No I do not think it is time to replace books. I prefer reading books and so does my family.you have the physical copy, e books you don't own outright,I don't get eyestrain reading like I do reading on e readers are computer.
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Post by Lucinda32 » 01 Apr 2013, 03:45

I think there will always be room on the shelf for a good book, however I think that shelf is getting a tad dusty as more people lean towards the convenience of electronic media. I myself always rambled on about never getting an ebook, of how much I love the physical feeling, the weight of holding a "real" book, the dog eared pages of a much loved book.
And so in a moment of insanity, I bought an Amazon Kindle.
The truth is that ebooks fit better in my hand bag than a paperback.
And my now dusty shelf was full.
I will still buy a book from time to time but if I'm trying a new author or a different genre than what is my norm, I will get it on my Kindle because its cheaper.
I will say this though, books dont go flat, unlike the current state of my Kindle.

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Post by BakerStreetJ » 05 Apr 2013, 07:55

I couldn't give up real books because I like to have them on display in my house. I do think e-books are good for a first time read, then if I like it I buy it to go on my shelf as a keeper!

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Post by A_Marcella » 12 Apr 2013, 00:17

No. I currently do not own a Kindle Fire, which would be my preference if I were going to purchase one. I am fond of the online availability to purchase a book one cannot wait to read, seems to save on shipping and time. However, I am still in love with the printed book - the feel of paper in hand and the progress when you tip forward the top of the book to see where your bookmark resides :) . Currently, I guess I am torn between to lovers - exploring Google Books and Kindle for PC and Android (so handy for on the go reading!).

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Post by Cortney831 » 28 Apr 2013, 22:19

Dougiezerts wrote:Hi! I've just joined this forum, and I have a poll question for all of you:
Should the Kindle, and other ereaders, replace book?
No way! I love my iPad...but a good book to cuddle up with is still preferred from time to time.

-- 28 Apr 2013, 23:20 --
BakerStreetJ wrote:I couldn't give up real books because I like to have them on display in my house. I do think e-books are good for a first time read, then if I like it I buy it to go on my shelf as a keeper!
:D I thought I was the only one who did that. My bf makes fun of me for it lol

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Post by Megan Young » 07 Sep 2013, 00:33

I hate kindles so much!! I hope traditional books stay forever!!

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Post by Misaela » 07 Sep 2013, 02:05

I wouldn't like it, but it seems inevitable.
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Post by Zannie » 07 Sep 2013, 05:43

I may read from a Kindle but I use real books as well. There is a whole generation eho don't know how to use encyclopedias. I think it a shame

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Post by Misaela » 08 Sep 2013, 09:34

I used encyclopedias when I was in elementary school, but the internet replaced that. In that case specifically, having constant updating in the history of places, countries and different subjects made it a tad obsolete.
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