Do you think there are good books on Wattpad?

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Re: Do you think there are good books on Wattpad?

Post by Amina-Ibrahim »

Yes there are so many good books. They are difficult to find but it's worth it if you do find them. Grammatical errors are there and if you are a grammar Nazi like me, it will irritate you. But the plots are interesting most of the times, even when dialogue isn't.

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Post by colorsparkle »

I’ve read a fair mix of good and bad stories on Wattpad, it always makes me happy when a story on Wattpad finally gets published!

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Post by SavannaEGoth »

I'm not sure. It's really difficult for me to find anything interesting or even well-written on that site. The only reason I even joined it to begin with is because some had stolen some ancient fanfiction I submitted to my DeviantArt years and years ago. Theft is RAMPANT on that site. :roll:

I have found maybe a few pieces I liked that, unfortunately, weren't finished. I think there was only maybe . . . one or two stories I had read start to finish on there that were completed, regularly-updated, and well-written . . . but they were all fanfiction involving AUs and unique takes on characters/continuations of official works. I couldn't find any original works that held my interest or seemed very unique. I don't really recommend going on there if you're looking for serious books, but maybe I just didn't look hard enough.

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Dimisa Ward
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Post by Dimisa Ward »

There are very good books on wattpad. I heave the app on my phone and my ownbook I've yet to finish.

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Post by Macaronie_15 »

Yes! There are lots and lots of good books on Wattpad. I’ve been a reader since 2016 and i’ve finished lots of good books.

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Post by leiabutler »

I've read some fantastic books on Wattpad, books that have actually gone on to be published. They are out there, its just a case of finding them.

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Post by BibiG24 »

I´ve found some good books on wattpad that are actually finished, but yeah, it is hard to find them since almost everyone posts incomplete stories or cliche stories. I still like to read on wattpad, just that I don´t use it that much now.

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Monishka Sharma
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Post by Monishka Sharma »

I haven't tried wattpad yet but i love reading stories on quotev.

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Post by Amina_Ibrahim »

There are some amazing books there. You just have to take time to find the ones you like. I'm more into romance and the site is filled with romance stories. Other genres are not as much as compared to Romance. There is the CENTURIES series I really liked, by bibical sinner. Do check it out! Chasing red is good. Cell phone swap, Help me remember (not completed but perfectly written), books by whiskeyqueenn (she writes werewolf stories), books by nikkireadw (paranormal- somewhat like werewolves but more strong creatures, perfect humor too), Storm and silence (and other books in this series).
I am hoping this will help someone. I spent 10 minutes on this!

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Post by DD129 »

There are a lot of good books on Wattpad, but they do get overshadowed by the bad ones. It's because there's no barrier to write, which makes it both good (for writers who are just trying to get their names out there) and bad (for readers who are looking for good, serious books). For me, the books chosen by the Watty Awards and paid stories are the most promising.

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Leyla Ann
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Post by Leyla Ann »

So far in my experience, the writing felt so amature so I didn't enjoy reading on Wattpad; but then I haven't checked all the books so who knows.
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Post by Ria710 »

Yes there are good books on Wattpad, you just have to look for them. I think the problem is that anyone can write for Wattpad, this results in there being amazing writers on there and writers who need improvement.

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Post by beatricemanuel »

I was an active writer on Wattpad myself and have been part of the community long enough to understand how it works. When it comes to comparing it to other writing communities, I would say in terms of the quality and diversity of writing, it's lacking. I used to be part of a small but wonderful and collaborative community called Protagonize (which shut down later due to funding reasons and boy, did that break my heart), but the quality of writing, the rating system and the community in itself was a lot more engaging. Figment also is pretty good.

But with Wattpad, you have a HUGE audience of readers which is not a bad thing but it does limit your audience reach and sometimes good stories and authors get lost in the crowd. Plus, the audience is predominantly teenagers and a fair chunk are female. So you'll notice the stories that generate buzz are usually YA fic or new adult with a heavy focus on romance.

For example, I noticed that when I published a sci-fi action book, it barely got any reads (and that wasn't for lack of promoting or trying). I eventually pulled the plug on it and continued to write it offline. But my new adult romance "The Closer" blew up and still continues to generate a lot of reads despite being completed.

That being said, I have read some amazing stories on there across various genres. But sometimes you have to dig a little deep and beyond the surface value of what's being promoted to find the hidden gems.

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Post by slowpoke123 »

There are quite plenty of excellet books in Wattpad that are pretty close to those published books. I've come across those books that have Watty's award and tried them out. Until now, I'm still using Wattpad and a few books I have in my bookshelf are The Callistra Chronicles, The Vendetta Series, and The Queen of Elysium Series. 😁

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Post by sevencrows »

There're definitely good books on Wattpad, but finding them (and finding good ones that have endings) is not so easy.

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