Should ebooks be free or at least much cheaper?

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Re: Should ebooks be free or at least much cheaper?

Post by lilytepait »

RonakP wrote:I think that ebooks should be a lot cheaper than paperback if not free
well said

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Post by strwbrry_Celestine »

At least much cheaper. But in a reasonable price so that the author still be pai reasonably for her own work.

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Post by KiMB00P »

I have seen ebooks go for the same price as a paper book and I think that isn't fair. A paper book is a tangible good that I would be able to donate for a write-off or sell back, however an ebook I cannot. I do think ebooks should be cheaper but at the same time, there's a lot of hard work that goes into writing a book and the author needs to be fairly compensated as well.

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Post by patrickt »

RonakP wrote:I think that ebooks should be a lot cheaper than paperback if not free
I'm sure you do. I think televisions should be free. I think healthcare should be free. I think food should be free. But the damn writers, actors, doctors, nurses, farmers, and truckers insist on getting paid. Bastards.

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Post by csimmons032 »

To a certain point, I think they already are because you don't have to pay any shipping and handling for them. Plus I have a tendency to go for the 1-5 dollar books anyway. Going for the good bargain has always been my strategy.
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Post by EMoffat »

I find the price of ebooks annoyingly high at times. I uunderstand it is because you need to pay VAT, and obviosuly I want the author to get paid, but when I pay more for an electronic book than the physical one I find it odd.

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Post by Eoui »

I have a hard time buying ebooks for the same price as physical copies, which is ridiculous cos they are the same story with the same amount of effort by the author put into them. What I would like would be a sort of discount or +free digital copy to be added into paper books. Maybe with a code or something you have to enter. I think authors deserve so much more for their work, cos it is a lot of effort. But it's hard not to be a penny pincher.
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Post by CatInTheHat »

Technology isn't free. Publishers do have to pay to use it, learn to use, configure their works to the technology, etc. And authors deserve to paid.
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Post by shish_by_design »

ebooks should be cheaper, yes, but not free. Authors are not charity organisations and unless the book is promoting or on sale,the book cannot and should not be free. We have to consider that the author has spent time and energy on their work in addition to the publishing costs. But they should be cheaper than paperbacks because these have been published using more cash, and the authors and publishers need to be compensated accordingly

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Post by Lennycat »

Infidel wrote:Free I do not agree with because the author has put time and work into the book - would you work for free? However, it makes sense that it should be heavily discounted as data transfer is far cheaper than shipping a chunk of paper around
I agree. The author put so much blood, sweat and tears into their work. They should still be paid, no matter what the medium is.

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Post by Slytherin_gurl »

It depends on the ebook. For example, where some are .99 cents on Amazon and some are up to 5.00 on there as well. That's as cheap I have seen most ebooks now these days. I think the real cost is the e-reader itself and the upkeep. :tiphat:

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Kyle Connor
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Post by Kyle Connor »

Ebooks definitely should not be free. Otherwise, how would the authors make money?
Of course, they should list it at a lower price than the paperbacks. However, you can find many books sites where you can read them online for free. They can, however, use free giveaways for promotion for a limited time.

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Jason Minton
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Post by Jason Minton »

Ebooks free? No, unless it's a new author trying to get feedback or more downloads to help boost their downloads etc. Cheaper, yes! How much cheaper I can't really say. I have noticed ebooks generally are cheaper compared to their paper cousins and I'm good with that. I do prefer paper books.

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Post by AuthoressWenona »

Luisjane wrote:I also agree that eBook shouldn't be free since it was less manufactured and only publish as electronic book which means it doesn't need raw materials to be read by people. The prices of each eBook really differ from who is the author and the popularity of or the wide market of a certain eBook e.g (H.P), we all know the cost and we know who's the audience, I think big comp such amzn should lessen the price I was just lucky to to be able to subscribe to a site for $1.99 and download 10 eBooks =), i think that's the best offer I've seen so far that's why I agree that ebook should be much cheaper that paperback.

I agree they should be significantly cheaper.

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Post by Major »

They are free if you know where to look, but of course obtaining the free downloads is not strictly legal. On the other hand if your service provider allows you unlimited downloads per month who is actually the guilty party?
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