Saving you money?

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Re: Saving you money?

Post by TruLady1 »

I agree that the individual books could be less expensive, but if your are not careful you can spend quite a bit of money. Also the way many ebook writers are actually making more money on their books because of the "cliff hanger" .. part 1, 2, 3, etc. You get hooked and before you know it .. you have spent almost $10 vs
But for ease of use, ebooks/ereaders are awesome! And I actually find that I read more this way.

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Zora C Penter
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Post by Zora C Penter »

TruLady1 wrote:
28 Jan 2019, 20:33
I agree that the individual books could be less expensive, but if your are not careful you can spend quite a bit of money. Also the way many ebook writers are actually making more money on their books because of the "cliff hanger" .. part 1, 2, 3, etc. You get hooked and before you know it .. you have spent almost $10 vs
But for ease of use, ebooks/ereaders are awesome! And I actually find that I read more this way.
I didn't think of the "episode effect" of quite a few ebook series. Great point!

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Post by Rangerkay »

I find that I actually spend a lot more on eBook copies than I do on physical. I find free eBooks on other sites such as BookBub and Kindle Unlimited but to get the next ones in that series, I have to pay extra. Which I am more than okay with, it just feels that a lot of Kindle books aren't as long as the physical ones. Or in some cases, a mini book. One such book was written out by chapter and sold for 99 cents each. It left me feeling that I didn't even get to the action scene before they wanted me to buy the next installment.

That gets expensive.

I do sometimes get a lot of books for a buck, but it's much harder to weed through which ones are long enough to satisfy my reading speed. I prefer to shop at BookOutlet for print copies. Although, it's much easier to pick up where you left off when reading a Kindle book across multiple devices/platforms. Like taking the ebook and reading on iPad and then moving to read on Desktop while on hold at work.

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Post by Ak1412 »

I use a free kindle app on my laptop for a few of my college textbooks and have definitely saved doing this

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Post by Amina-Ibrahim »

If you have self-control, you can save money. But if are like me, Good luck trying!

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Post by Sinclairess »

Ljsoso wrote:
03 Mar 2016, 16:29
I think that it can save you money if you have self control. Unfortunately I do not. I find that the ease of buying a lot of books and quickly from the ereader store makes me spend more money than if I had to go to the actual bookstore. So our doesn't actually save me money, but it does save me time.
You make a good point. Ebooks are great especially because of the convenience. When I get book cravings, ebooks satisfy it faster!
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Post by Eclecticmama »

Oh yes my e-reader has saved me a ton of money on books. Especially now with the amazon unlimited they have now. Ten bucks a month and you have so many books to choose from to read. Not to mention you can find a lot of the classic books for free, which is super helpful.

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Post by luz0928 »

I guess you can save money, but I still prefer the physical book, and I still read faster with them.

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Post by WhiteLotus »

I suppose it can be a way to save money! It's true ebooks are cheaper, it's also true with subscription services like Kindle Unlimited, if you read a LOT, then you can save up quite a bit. But it's also true that because ebooks are cheaper, it's easier to spend more on them than what you originally intended to. So I guess the answer is, "depends on the person."

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Post by leiabutler »

With readers like Kindles, there are so many free book options. These are great stories and well worth the money paid for the kindle as you can download as many free, but well written stories as you like.

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Post by racelaine »

It just depends on the books you want to read and if you want to own them or if you're alright with borrowing them. My local library's e-book library has been a game changer for me. If you're buying the e-books the same way you'd buy paperbacks, I don't think it saves you that much. If you use a library app and search out free books or deals then it can definitely do you some good!

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Monishka Sharma
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Post by Monishka Sharma »

Definitely! I have read so many novels without spending a single penny. There are many websites where you can read stories for free and let me tell you that there is no such things that the stories by newbie won't be much interesting or good as compared to professionals. Sometime the stories by novices have a good plot, simpler languages, less mistakes and provides a good connection of characters with the reader which makes you feel good to read the story.
You can download pdfs of famous novels for free and can also read them online without spending your money. So according to me, it really saves money except for some books which costs you almost same as a physical copy of that book. And if you really wanna read the specific book which is not available without spending some money it's alright to spend some.

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Florence Nalianya
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Post by Florence Nalianya »

Yes, e-book reading is cheaper because as long as am willing to do a review, I get to read free books.

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Leyla Ann
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Post by Leyla Ann »

It does save me a lot of money actually, I can't deny that, but if I'd still prefer the hardcopy of the eBook one.
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Post by Falling4Ever »

I think it's definitely a good option if you want more books because technically it is cheaper, but I think the experience of a physical book is well worth the price.

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