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Use this forum to talk about ebooks and ebook readers. Whether you have an ebook reader, are considering getting one or never plan on getting one and want to talk about why you think traditional books are better, use this forum for anything to do with ebooks or ereaders.
Alison Alissa
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Re: Reading ebooks

Post by Alison Alissa »

An e-book is a good suggestion if an individual follows their own schedules for reading a given e-book.I once downloaded a book from google play .I ONLY read the book once a week,thrice a month.I always found it hard to keep up with the trend.

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Post by njc28 »

reading ebooks is an easy way to access the book you need because some of us do not have financial ability to get printed one .

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Post by Heatholt »

I am a new convert to ebooks, but I am enjoying the transition. They are convenient and travel friendly. I think you should give it some time.

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Post by kpopi1 »

I have read around 100 ebooks now and still prefer an actual hard copy book. There is something about the smell of the paper and the crack of the spine that cannot be replaced by technology. One bonus of ebooks is that they are way cheaper than actual books. I am an avid reader so from a financial standpoint the ebook allows me to purchase many more books. On top of that it is also nice to be able to carry thousands of books with me on an ereader if i go on a trip rather than having to lug around heavy books.

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Post by Tiffanyli »

It's definitely a different experience reading it electronically in comparison to a physical book. But I find that when I'm on the go it's easier to go with ebooks someitmes. Since I have my phone with me all the time, I always have a book with me.

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Monishka Sharma
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Post by Monishka Sharma »

I read e-books mostly. And it is comforting. I use Moonreader app on my android to read downloaded books and there you can adjust the brighteness of the screen, fonts, background colour and texture as per the suitability to your eyes. Turn up or down the brightness as suitable and change the background to an off white colour and it won't hurt your eyes.

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Florence Nalianya
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Post by Florence Nalianya »

I think its not about an ebook or hard copy but the psychology .You get used to what you have.

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Post by dorisnkatha87 »

I like paper book but ebooks are more available. With Kindle it is easy to access a book to read.

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Post by MrunalT »

I read books on my iPad; cant complain about the experience. It is not same as reading physical copies, but doable. With adjusting the light, I do not find it much cumbersome to read ebooks.

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Post by naomisorge »

I have an Ipad so I read e-books with the kindle and ibooks apps. The experience is much better than curling up with your laptop, but I agree with a previous poster about the glare from the screen bothering your eyes. Especially with the kindle app, I love the highlighting feature: if I ever want to go back and re-read something, I can just scroll through the highlights instead of having to flip through a paper book.

If anyone comes up with a cure for the glare on the screen, please let me know!

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Post by Jennashby_87 »

I don’t own a Kindle but I use my iBooks on my laptop sometimes and I have the Kindle app so I can still read books on there. As for the glare, they have different background lighting options to make it easier to focus on. I mainly only get ebooks if I won’t make it to the city to buy new books anytime soon. I live in a really small town and we do not have a book store.

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Post by oscarhowarth13 »

I have a busy schedule and I travel a lot. Because of which I don't get much time to read a book. But I love reading ebooks. That's when I shifted to ebooks and it is a great help.

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Post by NetMassimo »

I guess things changed a lot in the years since this thread was opened. Ebook editions are now common and you can choose among a number of devices to read them.
Ciao :)

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Leyla Ann
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Post by Leyla Ann »

To be honest, although I find eBooks more manageable but I still can't handle reading on my laptop, so I use my phone to read instead.
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