How to keep your place in an e-book?

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Re: How to keep your place in an e-book?

Post by Reading lady »

I have a Kindle and an iPad with iNooks and also Overdrive. All of these save your place automatically and have highlight features. I love that the iPad will download in all the versions that thus forum gives us the books in. Wish all the authors had their books in ebook format. I choose a physical book a couple of times because that was all that was available. One never reached me and was counted against me in the scoring. The other took nearly row weeks to get to me which really holds you back in getting through books.
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Post by M_liabelle »

Most e-readers open to the page where you left off. There's also a bookmark feature. if you have favorite scenes that you'd like to get back to.

I stick to one device most of the time though.

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Post by patrickt »

I never use the "bookmark" feature. I read novels and don't need to mark pages. When I turn on my e-reader it goes to the page I was on when I shut if off. If I didn't some reading on my Kindle app on the cellphone while I was away after a moment it asked me if I want to update to the last page read. It's one of the features I rather like about e-readers and I suspect they all do pretty much the same thing.

Oh, if I'm reading two books, both keep track of the last page read.

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Post by lizj97 »

I read on my phone and my books automatically open to the page I left off when I close them. I love that I don't have to bookmark the page although that feature is available also. Even if I open multiple books my reader keeps my place on all of them without me having to do anything.

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Post by Allison »

The Kindle has a bookmark feature, but Ive never had to use it as it stays on the page you were reading no matter what. Good feature too because I would hate losing a page in a e-reader.

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Post by dememusicaddict »

They automatically open to where you last read, which is very useful

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Post by ZeroChill »

Yes they do have bookmarking features. How would you expect people to buy a reader if they don't have the basic necessary functions of book reading built into them
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Post by ReyvrexQuestor Reyes »

With the PDF, there is a page marking that shows as you scroll, on the upper left corner. It looks like this. [ 34 / 560 ] meaning you are on page 34 of 560 pages. Now, when you stop reading and continue after reviving the computer again, you have just to remember the page number. Then when you point the cursor to the scrolling tab, below it, and left-click, the tab will scroll up to your cursor. So, if the page you wanted is halfway in the book, you have to point the cursor midway of the scroll space and watch in the upper left corner the pages displaying like in a gasoline station meter. Release the left-click when you see the page. I am using the old laptop.

I find it laborious to read on the tablet.
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Post by LivreAmour217 »

My Kindle automatically opens to the last place I read in a book. I think that this is a fairly standard feature in e-readers.
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Post by Insightsintobooks729 »

Most e-readers I've used have a bookmark feature. They also save your progress so you don't have to remember where you left off at.
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Post by CaitlinGonya »

I mainly use the back feature and the app remembers where I am. I do have issues, though, when I switch between devices. Its not often but it does happen.

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Post by Samy Lax »

I know for a fact that Kindle lets you bookmark pages. Not sure how Nook works though.
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Post by Choine »

Most eReaders have a bookmark tab you can click or tap to mark your place. My Kindle on my laptop has a bookmark tab and my Nook Lite has a little ribbon I can tap in the corner to mark my place.

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Post by Leyla Ann »

When using an eBook app I don't bookmark, it automatically opens where I have left it.
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