Ebook or paper book?

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Re: Ebook or paper book?

Post by Charlie19 » 02 Jul 2019, 02:56

I would pick hard copy books because they are more classy

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Post by mzmaldita1376 » 02 Jul 2019, 03:30

Paper book ..the smell of a new book is the greatest smell. :techie-studyinggray:

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Post by zetawhitmer » 04 Jul 2019, 10:51

Paperback all the way!! Using an eReader or iPad will never have the same feeling as holding a paper book in your hand. Also, that “booky” smell you get when you first get a brand new book and open it.

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Post by Etiquette1 » 04 Jul 2019, 18:46

I personally love both. I love paper books. I love the smell of the pages and seeing them all lined up on a shelf. I also love having thousands upon thousands of new books available to me at any time. I can see the merit of both and advocate both paper books and digital. Both are excellent in my opinion.

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Post by leiabutler » 07 Jul 2019, 18:33

I think E-books are good in this day and age when we are trying to be more environmentally friendly

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Post by Rivergold » 08 Jul 2019, 14:22

I like both, it just depends, most times paper books are better, until night because it's very hard to read and hold a flash light or use a lamp and not get caught.

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Post by cdhundley » 08 Jul 2019, 20:09

Paper book. I am all for positive environmental impact and saving space in my apartment, but when you spend a large part of your day scanning news clipping, editing the work of your colleagues, and updating online content, coming home to an e-book feels like I have not left the office.

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Post by Kansas City Teacher » 11 Jul 2019, 21:21

Seems like a lot of people here prefer the paper books. When I read the e-books, I actually feel more tired more easily. And it's hard to curl up with a ........computer or Kindle... You curl up with a book!

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Post by firemom31 » 13 Jul 2019, 11:19

I have always loved the feel of a book in my hands, and enjoyed full bookshelves in my home for many years. It was once my dream to have my spare room converted to a library with custom built shelves and a comfortable reading nook. I say "once" because I now have health conditions that make it impossible to hold a book for more than a few minutes, and difficult to see the print. Ebooks have allowed me to continue my love love of reading in spite of my health issues. For that, I love them.

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Post by alostlibrary » 13 Jul 2019, 16:29

I love everything about physical copies of books! The way they feel, how they look on a shelf, the ability to see how many pages I am away from finishing! Although, I do love e-Books just as much, I think that is because my library offers the option to borrow e-Books. It makes it a whole lot easier to look for a book on the site and borrow if you don't have the time to go out. I've read so many books this way.

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Post by Kookielt63 » 13 Jul 2019, 18:00

I love going to a book store and looking for book. I could spend all day there. I do have a E reader and read books that I have chosen. I buy traditional paper books for my grandchildren. I also like to buy cooking books.

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Post by clumsy_secret » 15 Jul 2019, 08:30

I prefer e-books rather than paper books because they are portable, paper-less and there`s no question of forgetting carrying an e-book because I tend to forget a lot of things other than taking my phone with me lol

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Post by Gift25 » 16 Jul 2019, 03:27

When I first encountered ebooks, I didn't like them. Being from a generation of people who went to libraries, visited used book stores, and used the Dewey Decimal system; they felt foreign to me.

It seemed like I retained information better and enjoyed reading from left to right, rather than down a single page.

I now appreciate ebooks for their mobility. I can also have 1000's of ebooks on a single device, and not have to ship or pack 1000's of books when moving.

With that being said, I still enjoy reading paper books from time to time. :D

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Post by MusicalFetty » 16 Jul 2019, 09:37

I have always preferred traditional paper book. It just feels so good. That is unlike e-books which if lighting is not adjusted properly you end up hurting your eyes. Also having a shelf of books definitely is better than having a hundred e-books. Anyways it's just my opinion.

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Post by ashtonf » 16 Jul 2019, 11:44

Paper book. I feel accomplished after turning a page.

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