Ebook or paper book?

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Re: Ebook or paper book?

Post by Browneh »

Interesting to see that this discussion has been thriving for over 6 years - I guess it's still a big topic in the reading world!

I was always adamant that I hated e-readers and that nothing could beat paper books. Whilst I still agree with that sentiment, it just isn't realistic for me to lug a large amount of books to University and store them. I can't stand the thought of giving away my books, I love my collection and want to have a big library when I (eventually) get my first house.

So, I eventually caved and got a Kindle with a Kindle-Unlimited subscription. To be honest, I'm loving it! It allows me to read more on the go, between lectures and I love having an extensive library of books readily available to flick between genres when I want something different.

However, paper books, I will always, always love you....

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Sara Barcelo
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Post by Sara Barcelo »

I love both. I wouldn’t be able to read as much as I do without my tablet. The books I like aren’t always available and my city’s libraries don’t have that much, sadly. As long as I get to read, I have space in my heart for any form the book comes in.

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Post by books_andpoetrii »

I love physical books but I don't see why there is so much hate (or even just a slight shade) for e-books.

1. E-books are handy. If you don't have a big space or say, maybe you are sharing your current living space with someone else, storing books in your phone or tablet is the next best thing.

2. E-books still promote reading. And I think that is the main point of all of this. As long as it gets people reading, why would anyone care if a book is physical or digital?

Stop raining on someone else's parade and respect each other's preferences. Not everyone has the privilege to live in big houses or own huge bookshelves. And I think digital copies are less expensive, right? :tiphat: :techie-reference:

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Char G
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Post by Char G »

I just love buying a new book (hardcopy) and lose myself in the story for hours. But if I'm not sure whether I will like it or not I just read the e-book first, and then have the hardcopy.

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Post by Reynaa »

I used to be such a stickler when it came to the books or readers discussion in my friend group. I love physically browsing book stores, I love the weight of the book, and placing a finished book on my shelf as a trophy. This was all before I has small children. It is so much easier to read on your phone than to constantly keep your baby from ripping pages, losing your place, spilling your much needed coffee all over new books while wrangling your children (happened waaay too often). So I am now of the "devour books any way you can" philosphy. Both sides have their pros and cons!

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Post by SmrutiS »

I prefer hard copies to soft copies. I like holding books in hand, marking with pencil, using my bookmark, feeling paper with my hands...

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Post by sdavis1964 »

Paper book :roll:

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Post by hmoellerthomas »

I love physical books and don't think that ebooks could ever wholly replace them for me. However, I also have a limited amount of space in which to house books and the size of my ebook library easily outgrew that space years ago.

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Post by Bwithers1 »

I love my Kindle paper white reader. The fact that I can continue to read on all my other devices is great. Using it means I always have my book with me. Whether it is in on my iPad or my cell phone. Also love the fact I never lose my place and can read in any type of light.

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Post by MrunalT »

I definitely love the physical copy of the book. I most certainly love have a huge bookshelf and also the smell of the books, especially old books with yellowed pages. But with my physical library growing by the day and me running out of space to stack more books, I am slowly switching to e-readers.

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Post by samathaword »

I prefer the real book. But I'm a over the road truck driver so ebooks are better since we have to worry about weight.

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Post by dreamonkdr »

Both have benefits for me. Real books cause a storage problem at my house, but are often the best choice when traveling or by the pool. Ebooks do not take up space, so can has as many as my heart desires.

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Post by onlinebookclubcoll »

I love the feel of a paper book. To be able to turn a page or flick to another section of the book instantly.
No need to recharge batteries or find a power point.
Paper books are very portable, easy to carry & the font is easy to read.

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Post by jamibozz »

If I’m willing to pay money for a book, I want a paperback copy. Usually I will read those multiple times so I want it to be easy to access them. But I love having my kindle unlimited for books that I probably will only read once. Plus it makes it easier to read at night when my husband is asleep next to me.

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Post by jamibozz »

Andi73 wrote:
24 Feb 2013, 21:16
I love having a good book in my hands & so agree with a bookshelf full of fantastic books. But I also have an ereader - it certainly makes life a lot easier when I'm travelling or out & about. It's also opened up a whole new world of books I never would of spotted in a convential bookstore. So both have positives for me.
Totally agree!! I love just picking up my kindle and going with multiple books at time.

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