Can e-books replace paperbacks?

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Re: Can e-books replace paperbacks?

Post by fluffycat1960 »

I have been an avid reader since first grade and would check out 5 or 6 books a week from the library. Some of my favorite places to read were sitting in my favorite tree, in bed, in the bathtub, and to other people. Well, I don't climb trees any more, but I still enjoy relaxing with a good book. You can't read an ebook in the bathtub!

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Post by elissasmart »

I guess that paperbacks would never die. My young sister prefers reading regular books. Also, she has a lot of classmates who are the same. Anyway, paper books with its pages have some magic of touch.

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Post by wordslinger42 »

E-books could never replace traditional books for me. I only read e-books if it's an ARC that I'm reading to review or if it's something by an author I love that's only available as an e-book. I just love holding a book in my hands (and the smell of it) too much to replace traditional books with e-books!

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Post by steigerd »

I saw my first e-reader on an airplane as I juggled my four paperback books in my oversized purse. I traveled for work and usually spent three or four nights a week staying in a hotel. My choices were read a book, watch uninteresting television, listen to ad-filled radio, drink or overeat junk food. So I read. The paperbacks filled up my suitcase, and once home I piled in my office until I could take to a used book store or store in a closet for re-reading in the future. Now I could buy as many books as I wanted, store online, and read to my heart's content until the plane was landing or taking off, in the days before the FAA let us use the e-readers at all times. In this way, an e-reader replaced my paperbacks. E-readers are easier to handle than a paperback, however, I still like to hold a real book once in a while.

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Post by msbeautfl09 »

NO! e-books can never replace paperbacks. Although, they do bring a new light to reading, no pun intended. E-books are good when you need to be mobile, either when travelling or you just gotta look cool with a device in your hands. E-books are handy when you want to control the font of the story, or the backlighting. But the thing is, that you can't replace the feel of a worn book between your fingers.

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Post by iboukhoulef fouadd »

RaeGeorge wrote:
05 Feb 2013, 12:13
As practical as ereaders are, I really hope actual books don't become a thing of the past. I dont want to read bedtime stories to my children and grandchildren from an ereader.
For me, nothings better than seeing an overflowing bookcase, wandering around bookshops etc.
I like to feel the paper and the pages between my fingers and to actually see how much of the book ive left to read.
And I love to be able to simply give the book to someone else who I think would enjoy it.
In spite of the fact that I adore my 'genuine' books, and can't consider ever totally supplanting them, digital books are extraordinary for my coming up short vision, as I truly battle to peruse a portion of the old top choices nowadays. What's more, they are additionally the best thing for trucking around with you, similar to while going on vacation.

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Post by Sinclairess »

I hope that ebooks never replace paperbacks.... but they sure do take up a lot less physical space. With ebooks you just get more digital storage, which in this day and age has proven to be almost limitless!

However, paperbacks can be burned, defaced, pages ripped out, lost, etc. & ebooks can be accidentally deleted because of a virus, or misformatted. It scares me to lose a book in any form.
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Post by Alison Alissa »

In time to E-books shall replace paper books thanks to the new innovations that pop up every and then.

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Post by Femi05 »

With increasing opportunities for self publishing and the general trend towards globalisation, ebooks are fast replacing traditional print.

I absolutely still love my paper backs but with the speed at which we are moving, in a time not too long from now,the only hard copy books we will have, will be those ones handed down through gamily and friends to those who also cherish them. It will be their fight to restore paper backs to its rightful place.

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Post by Lady-of-Literature »

I don't think e-books could or should replace paperbacks, but I do think as their popularity grows and their advantages become more widespread that they will become more dominant. Paperbacks and other physical books I hope will still find a place in libraries and bookstores for those who wish to hold one still.

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Gabriela Solano
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Post by Gabriela Solano »

I do love a good paperback book, that new book smell is really irreplaceable.
That being said, e-books are so good for travel and it's really easy to buy new books with just one click...
I guess I love the 2 and hope that e-books does not replace paperbacks

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Post by Charlie19 »

No they can't because they are not the same, i mean apps can be handy too but nothing compares to the feeling of having a hard bound book on your hand

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Post by leiabutler »

I understand the magic of a real book in your hands. But nowadays there are so many more environmentally friendly ways to read which not only save the planet but save you money and space. Books are lovely and I'd always keep paper versions of my favourite stories, but E-books are just more accessible.

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Monishka Sharma
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Post by Monishka Sharma »

Absolutely not. Although i use e-books more and they have their advantage but paperbacks have their own aura. I would love to have a library in my house in future although there are already many books already but they are specifically study material. The paperback editions will always be the best. Nothing can be more relaxing than having a good book and a cup of coffee and reading it without disturbance.

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Post by Florence Nalianya »

I thing e-books could replace paper in future especially with this change in climate where no one is interested in cutting trees.

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