I dont like ebooks.

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Re: I dont like ebooks.

Post by Zannie »

I prefer a real, hold in your fingers book. However the convenience of Ebooks, especially being able to buy them at any time means that with my busy lifestyle I can still expand my collection.

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Post by Megan Young »

I HATE e-books, I like traditional copies that I can also keep for my collection

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Post by vortexkd »

I much prefer hard copies to e-books... but since I moved to Japan I simply don't have the space to store books anymore :(

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Post by Age777 »

I can't say the same. I can now have an entire series with me in my pocket. I love it.
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Post by mishy »

I too did not like ebooks and touch screen phones but alas I am now reading ebooks on my touch screen phone LOL. It started with really wanting to read a particular book that I could only access readily in electronic format, and it has now become my main format of reading because it is hassle free and all the books I want to read are in that format. I do still love a good physical book but going to a book store isn't always in my schedule :(
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Post by chrystalcrino »

Personal preference I guess I myself love my ereader basically because I work long hours and don't have to.e to shop around. Don't get me wrong I love to have a real book in my hands.

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Post by gali »

I do and since I have got my kindle, I mostly read on it.
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Post by loganmw »

I'm in the same boat as most of you here. I wouldn't say I hate eReaders, but I definitely prefer the feel of paper in my hand. On more than one occasion I've thought about buying a Kindle or something, but never ended up doing so because I always come back to those crisp pages with a distinct aroma.

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Post by morganinga »

I have forced myself to like them. They are so convenient...while I am sitting in class I can just pull out my phone and read.. (great study technique, I know). And eBooks are cheaper, so that seems like a win-win. Even though nothing compares to the feeling of holding a book, and Im sure at this rate Im going to have severe eye problems from reading too many books on my phone in the dark, oops.

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Post by jellymonty »

I'm with you.. I hate eBooks but I do occasionally read a little bit but I can't say I care for it. Makes my eyes all fuzzy and dizzy.
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Post by gazon »

Very sorry to hear that there appear so many people that still do not appreciate e-readers. While I do still occasionally purchase physical books, mostly at local signings to support the authors - I LOVE my Kindle, my Nook, and their apps! I mostly appreciate the economy of space, paper, and overall cost.

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Post by ladylioness »

I have a nook and one thing that dissappoints me more than anything is the small number of books I can "lend". I have approximately 150 books on my nook and can only lend out about 8. And the person I lend to only has about 14 days to read it and you can only lend a book once. So frustrating!

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Post by gligoric »

I love ebook for its practical convenience. I love paper books for psychological satisfaction. I take advantage of both formats. Why choose one from the other when I can have the best of both worlds?

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Post by Nusrat_Sultana »

Same here. I just never got into them. It will always be physical books for me.

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Post by sjschleis »

I would much rather read a physical copy of a book rather than an e-reader. But the e-reader does get the job done

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