I dont like ebooks.

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Re: I dont like ebooks.

Post by CommMayo » 13 Nov 2017, 12:53

E-readers are great when you want to get a book right away. My library makes it so easy to check out ebooks from the comfort of my couch, that I hardly ever go check out paper books. I'll get real books for long car trips, camping, or when I'm off sailing on a boat for an extended period. Other than that I've got my trusty ipad full of books.

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Post by Barbiedole » 28 Nov 2017, 18:52

Well, my only problem with it is that it burns my battery. And I have to be carry an ebook reader everywhere I go.

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Post by Dolor » 30 Nov 2017, 14:42

cheeseburger wrote:
28 Apr 2012, 14:25
I don't like em either, and I think it's because if someone annoys we while I'm reading a real book, I can always give them a whack over the head with my book and go on reading without worrying about damage suffered to my book, but that's not really an option with e-books....
LOL 😂😂😂
Whack them with your PC monitor! 😷😂✌ Just kidding... Don't follow what I have just said.

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Post by uyky » 08 Feb 2018, 15:45

Nothing beats the feeling of the real book in your hands and the smell of paper while reading. But I find e-books incredibly practical and read them regularly.

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Post by pinefamily » 08 Feb 2018, 17:27

Both my wife and I have tried e-books on our ipads, but have both gone back to real books. I can see the convenience, or benefits, of e-books in the community, but I have found I actually read more since going back to paper.

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Post by EWatson02 » 12 Feb 2018, 22:07

While I do like the ability to physically look at the progress you've made (it's fun to watch the "read" part of the book get bigger and the "not read" part of the book get smaller), I do like having the ability to whip out my phone and access a book at anytime.

For physical books, I've been making use of the library. That way, I don't have a bunch of books gathering dust in my house after having been read once. Going to the library forces me to give them back!

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Post by Tur turee » 13 Feb 2018, 03:16

I love e-readers when traveling otherwise paper does it for me.

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Post by Clinical1 » 13 Feb 2018, 20:43

I think they each have a purpose. I like an ereader for pleasure, but research and text books should be paper. I like to mark pages for reference and flip through.

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